This spring is the year to do it.

Two years have passed since the spread of the new coronavirus, and we are gradually beginning to feel a return to a more conventional lifestyle. Many of you may have endured a long period of waiting at home and are now making plans to start anew this year, dispelling the sense of loneliness that has swelled up inside your hearts.

When you think about it, when you need a change in your lifestyle or daily life, changing your living environment or the people you meet is still a good option.

This time, we'd like to change things up a bit and show you a share house before it's completed, in hopes of giving our media visitors a chance to get off to a "good start".

Rather than starting with a completed share house, we thought it would be more enjoyable to take a little bit of a flying leap and experience the process of completing a share house. If you are going to get to know each other, it would be more profitable to start with the initial members.

So this time we'll be taking a look at "Garden Terrace Tama Plaza," which will be opening a 6 minute walk from Tama Plaza Station on the Denentoshi Line, from its pre-renovation state. There are many relatively large scale share houses in the area, but since this share house is managed by Share Design, a company that has created a number of unique large scale share houses with "fun" as their theme, our expectations for this share house were high.


On the day of the tour, we were shown around by the manager, Mr. Miura. When we asked him about the concept of the facility, he replied, "I think there are still many people who are concerned about the effects of Corona, so this time, all three units (bathroom, wash stand, and toilet) will be in private rooms to ensure enough privacy, while also providing a park-like area in the center of the building where everyone can gather. We're thinking of creating a place where everyone can gather in the middle of the building like a park.

I'm sure share house managers have their own priorities, and when considering moving in, it's important to not just look at the property information on the website, but to actually visit the share house and hear what the manager has to say in a realistic setting.

Incidentally, just around the corner from this "Garden Terrace Tama Plaza" is the "Share Residence Utsukushigaoka," which we've covered many times. (It's really close by, lol.) I'd like to visit "Garden Terrace Tama Plaza," which is currently under construction, a one-minute walk down the hill across from "Share Residence Tama Plaza," while fantasizing about how fun it would be to hold joint events with other neighboring properties.

Click here for details of Garden Terrace Tama Plaza


In the center of the building, a park where people can gather.

First, let me give you an overview of the building, which is a large five-story building with a number of private rooms lined up on either side, and a large space in the middle that is a bit strange.

This picture shows the first floor space that spreads out in front of you on the right as you enter the building and go down the hallway a little further. The point is to create a space for socializing in the center of a room where one can live alone. Currently, it looks inorganic, but it will be exciting to see how it will change from here. The red doors on the walls on both sides are private rooms, and the white door on the far right is the dining room and kitchen for communal use.

This building was once used as a student dormitory. By renovating this space, the space in the center of each room will become a park-like place. (It is difficult to imagine from the photos, but we are looking forward to the completion of the project and to exercise our imagination.)

The finished product will have artificial turf on the floor, and tables and chairs will be laid out. However, even at the time of our visit, the final touches had not been made, and they were still working on the atmosphere of the main space, mixing and matching several ideas such as café style, grumbling style, terrace style, and more. For those of us who always visit a share house when it's completed, the passion and thought that goes into creating a place that values ideas and planning ability is truly impressive.

Incidentally, the laundromat will be located on the 2nd and 4th floors, but there are no large common spaces on the upper floors, the 2nd to 5th floors, which are mainly private rooms.

Now let's take a look at the kitchen and private rooms in the back.


Kitchen space before renovation

Now, when we visited the kitchen area in the back of the building, this is what we found. When we visited, there was no running water or electricity, and it was quite dimly lit, giving the impression of "the site.

When the building was used as a student dormitory, the kitchen and space were separated by the dining hall, but the furniture and appliances in this area are going to be replaced substantially. The completed space will be reminiscent of a stylish restaurant, just like the other properties Share Design has worked on. The kitchen will be similar to that of the "Share Residence Akeigaoka," a property by the same operator. Please check it out from the link.

Click here for more details about Share Residence Utsukushigaoka.

The dining room seen from the entrance. The door at the far right connects to the kitchen. The outlet hanging from above, reminds me of a home economics room.。 I think the fixtures are usable in their current state, but they are going to remove all of these fixtures and outlets. I am excited to see how the atmosphere will change.


Sufficient private room space for single occupancy.

Although still rare in share houses, each room is equipped with a three-piece water supply set including a bathtub, washbasin, and toilet. The fact that these three points are for your own private use should be a great point, considering the effects of the Corona Disaster.

Also, the size of the private rooms varies from room to room, but they are approximately 13.03 m2 to 14.84 m2 (8.41 to 9.59 tatami mats).
Although 1R apartments give the impression of being small, we urge you to match your own sense of value to see how much you can add to the use of communal spaces, kitchens, and other facilities.

Also, when we visited, a bed, a desk, a refrigerator, and a closet were placed in the room. The floors in the private rooms are all wood, and the desks and tables will be changed to match the wood. Wooden furniture is very calming, isn't it? With the greenery reflected in the scenery outside, the overall atmosphere will be unified and calm.

A view of the private room from the window. You may have the impression that the room is a bit small, but it is a long and narrow living space with a three-piece unit in the back. Bathtub, washbasin, and toilet. It is still nice to have a bathtub in a private room. You can slowly soak in the bathtub alone.


View of the main living space from the back of the facility. The entrance to the private room looks like this from the front.

What did you think of the newly opened share house "Garden Terrace Tama Plaza"?

Even though it's not yet completed, what's still worth noting is the park-like space that stretches throughout the property. When you want a change of scenery, or when you feel lonely eating alone, just go out to the lounge and you'll find someone there. The park will be a social place where you can live alone and socialize with your neighbors, and even the park will be happy about it.

I don't understand what you are talking about even if you show me pictures of the facilities before they are completed..." I can understand why you would say that. However, it's not uncommon for popular properties to have a waiting list for vacant rooms. This time, some of the rooms will be available for occupancy before the facility is completed.


I'm going to live in a flying house.

Having photographed many large scale share houses, we have no doubt that the quality of the space will be high once the facility is completed, but if you can get a sense of what we can expect from a visit report such as this, please be sure to visit the share house before it's completed.

It will be fun to experience the process of creating the space, and I have a feeling that you will naturally get to know the staff. In the words of Mr. Miura of Share Design, those who find the pre-completion report interesting will receive a special discount plan until the building is completed.

Also, on the same day of our visit, we actually had the opportunity to visit the nearby "Share Residence Utsukushigaoka" and were told that Utsukushigaoka is a very comfortable place to live, and all the residents were very sociable, talked to us a lot, and seemed to be having a lot of fun. (The residents were very sociable and seemed to be having a lot of fun.) I feel that this is a place where the circle of exchange will expand.

If I were to raise a concern, it would be that if the environment is too well equipped for living alone, you may not use the communal space as often as you'd like, and even if the environment is very social, you may not get to know the other residents as well as you'd like. If you are interested in moving into such a place, perhaps it is important to have a little courage and be willing to try to communicate with others.

We have all endured a long period of self-restraint, so why not act with a bit of urgency this year? It's spring.

/Author: Aya,Photo:Ishi

Garden Terrace Tama plaza
House DetailGarden Terrace Tama plaza
Area 1-10, Utsukushigaoka, Aoba-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Rent ¥52,800 ~ ¥60,800
Denentoshi-Line Tamaplaza 4min
Denentoshi-Line Azamino 15min
Condition Male, Female



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