A Beautiful White Modern Mansion. 

Have you ever dreamed of a big white house that appears in like American dramas? The house called "TOKYO SHARE Nishimagome" we covered this time, is just such a place. Initially, a foreign embassy employee's family lived in this house, and it now has been fully renovated.

The nearest station is Nishimagome Station, it is the first station on the Toei Asakusa Line. It takes 20 minutes to Shibuya by transfer to Gotanda. A 5-minute walk to the station, and there are also convenience stores around the house. It is a quiet residential area with a convenient location. So, it is an excellent place to live for those who often go to the city center for commuting or going to school everyday life.

When you visit this house, you'll probably be surprised at the pure white appearance — a spacious house with high ceilings in European and American style. Actually, a family from abroad lived in this house, and the building makes us think like surely they had a precious life in this house.

This building has been reborn as a share house. The large living room integrated with the kitchen and the renovated sink area is immaculate. The aim was to create a comfortable space so that all 15 households could share their lives without stress. Also, there is a park in front of the house, so you can relax on holidays and enjoy play sports at there.

Let's take a quick look at what is going on inside the house!

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A Spacious Living and Dining Room.

The living room is connected to the kitchen, and the clean white walls are modern and sophisticated. You can have a meal with your share-mates, work on a large table, or spend some extra time. The kitchen and living room are integrated, so it's nice to have a break with a cup of coffee whenever you like during work.

リビング2 リビング3
A living room view from the kitchen.  A kitchen view from the living. The room unified in white, and it seems clean and tidy. 
リビング4 リビング5
This large table for six people help to create a cozy atmosphere.  This table for two people. It is a perfect place if you ever hurry to eat.




Face-to-Face Kitchen for Easy Conversation. 

The same facilities are provided symmetrically in the face-to-face kitchen. Since each has the same equipment, it seems that two people can cook without stress even if they stand in the kitchen at the same time. If you cook face-to-face, conversations will emerge from either side. Ask your partner, "What are you making today?" It can easily start a conversation.

キッチン2 キッチン3
A view of the kitchen from the other side  Two iH stove for the each side.
キッチン4 キッチン5
A rice cooker and electric kettle are provided. There also prepared microwave ovens and oven toasters. Dust boxes with a large capacity. It has a lid too. 



個室 105

A Space Where You Can Relax Alone. 

This is room 105. The unique wallpaper gets a lot of looks. All rooms are equipped with an air conditioner and refrigerator. Beds, chairs, and desks are also provided. It is good that you don't have to bring a lot of furniture when your moving.

It's a share house where you live with other people every day, so sometimes it's important to have time to be alone. Size of the room or the color of wallpaper depends on the room, so why not choose a room that suits your lifestyle?


個室 201 個室204
This is room 201. It seems very compact, but have a enough space for a single life.  This is room 204. A blight orange curtain may you cheer up. 
個室205 個室206
Room 205 has a very calm and chic wallpaper. This is room 206 with balcony.




Put Up a Parasol on a Sunny Day.

"TOKYO SHARE Nishimagome" seen from outside. The parasol shines well on a pure white wall. Unfortunately, the shooting day was cloudy. But on a sunny day, it's good to have some tea with your share mates, sunbathe, have a meal or read books outside.

There is a park in front of the share house, so it's an excellent environment to get some exercise.   If you work out before you leave home in the morning, you can live a healthy life.


テレビルーム1 テレビルーム2
 A view of the television room.   A large sofa that people can sit together. The color based white.
テレビルーム3 洗濯機
 Surfer-like interior are stylish.   Three washing machines and three dryers. 


文末部分 テレビルーム

A House You Looking Forward to Returning to.

This time we introduced "TOKYO SHARE Nishimagome." Inside the big white house, there was a special feeling that I was invited to a foreign house somewhere. It was a cozy and attractive space.

"MAVALAS Co., Ltd." runs this share house. They also run multiple share houses, mainly in Tokyo. Each house has a different concept with a different idea. They are even designing share house buildings, and it is impressive that they are trying to provide comfortable living space while keeping rent reasonable. We asked the person in charge of management about the recommended points of "TOKYO SHARE Nishimagome".




Co., Ltd.

"TOKYO SHARE Nishimagome" was initially a foreign residence where embassy staff lived. There is a park in front of the house, and there is a convenience store nearby, so the living environment is perfect.


The interior has been fully renovated, and we have a beautiful interior that appears in the drama. There is also a living/dining room where everyone can gather. The living room has a 50-inch TV and a relaxing sofa.


The nearest station is Nishimagome Station. Good access to central Tokyo, 7 minutes to Gotanda Station, 11 minutes to Sengakuji Station, 14 minutes to Mita Station. Since it is the first train station, you can sit and commute to work every day.


"TOKYO SHARE Nishimagome" is a house with large furniture in a large living room. The living room where everyone can relax and the room where you can spend your time is well balanced.The staircase area has a high ceiling and gives a spacious impression. "TOKYO SHARE Nishimagome" is located in a highly convenient area. It may be said that it is a share house with a feeling of relaxation that creates a comfortable life.

An abundant space used by the families of overseas embassy staff. Why don't you start living in such a place, which is hard to achieve by living alone?

/Author:Akari, Photo:Sugita


TOKYO SHARE SPA Gotannda Nishi-Magome
House DetailTOKYO SHARE SPA Gotannda Nishi-Magome
Area 5chome, Minamimagome, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Rent ¥43,000 ~ ¥43,000
Toei Asakusa line Nishimagome station 6 min walk
Condition Male, Female

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