There is a new discovery everyday life.  

"BeGood Zoshigaya Station square" is a newly built large sharehouse just opened this September. A 5-minute walk from Kishimojinmae Station on the Fukutoshin Line Zoshigaya or the Toden Arakawa Line. It overlaps with the Mejiro area, which is known as a luxury residential area. Also, the city is known as a student city, and within walking distance of Ikebukuro.

Many foreign nationals live in the share house managed by BeGood Japan Flatshare. People from all over the world, from North America, Europe to Asia. Currently, more than 90% of the residents of this share house are students. Live with students will makes you feel a lively atmosphere.

Of the 24 hours a day, people spend a long time at home more than they think. If you have someone to say "I'm home" or "Welcome back," in the house, it will make you feel somewhat relieved.

The best thing about living in a share house is that you can choose a life that suits your feeling. It's both fun to spend time in your room and to chat with everyone. You can ask your share mates to teach you some national food in the kitchen. Also, you can make a friend while watching TV and talk to each other. Even if you can't speak Japanese or English, living everyday life together can help you makes friends.

Want to see what "BeGood Zoshigaya Station Square" like? Let's take a quick look inside!


See the details of the "BeGood Zoshigaya Station Square."




Enjoy exoticism in the living room with various languages of greeting.

When you open the entrance, there is a comfortable living space. A warm greeting welcomes you both when you leave and return to the house. When you return from work or school and meet your share mates, they will surely ask, "What did you do today?" It might be fun sharing what happened during the day with your friend.

In addition to a large table for ten people, there is a relaxing sofa space in the back. Also, there is a projector on the opposite sidewall. It means that it is an excellent place for everyone to enjoy a movie or watch a sport. You could have a great conversation with share mates until late at night.

Living Living3
Cozy sofa space is spacious.  The wall on the right can be used as a projector screen. 



Interact through meals in a large kitchen


A spacious kitchen that does not bother securing traffic lines even when used by large numbers of people. New facilities and clean facilities are also lovely points. You can bring your favorite cooking utensils here. It would be fun to bring food together with your share mate on holiday and share the taste of each other's hometown recipe! 

Kitchin2 KItchin3


 There are eight IH stoves, and large trash bins and ventilation fans prevent unwanted smell.  There is a counter on the other side of the IH stove. It would be fun to share your cook with share mates.



Have your own relaxing space. 

A private room with a simple design seems like loved by everyone. All rooms have a desk and a small refrigerator. Of course, air-conditioning and wi-fi are fully equipped, so you can start living from the day you move. Outside the room, there is a storage space assigned to each room, so you do not have to worry about storing things.

Also, there are plenty of shower rooms, toilets, and washbasins. Even during the morning crowded time, you can calm down and get ready.

Shower Washstands

There are a total of 10 shower rooms. If you want to soak in the bathtub, there is a public bath nearby that is open until midnight.

Large wash basins are also located on different floors.
Rocker Balcony
The lockers in the hallway can be locked with personal keys. The rooftop is a clothesline. On a sunny day, you can dry large laundry such as beddings. 

Outside Appearance

Spent exciting days by meet different cultures.

"BeGood Zoshigaya Station Square" is managed by BeGood Japan, a flat share company. 70% of the residents of the operated share house are foreign nationals. Our management philosophy is "supporting internationalization from homes." They not only hold events in share houses but also hold joint events among the houses.

When you hear "international exchange," are you ready to be nervous if you can do well? But "international exchange" is fostered in everyday life, for example, watching a movie together or eating rice with someone. Talk to people from different backgrounds through the same time and experience. You may find yourself in a new aspect of yourself. Conversely, there may be moments when you realize that the roots are the same person, regardless of your nationality or the environment in which you grew up.


Don't worry if you have a language problem, and it doesn't seem very easy to blend in. We interviewed Mr. Fukui of BeGood, who is in charge of the operation.

福井さん / BeGood Japan

Ms. Fukui / BeGood Japan

Actually, most of the residents of BeGoodJapan's share houses are foreign nationals. Many of them are international students who study Japanese. You may be nervous at first, but many students are interested in Japan, so even if you are not fluent in English, you can communicate well.


Don't be too nervous. This house is for you, so you'll be able to relax and get along with it in the same space. Rather than attending English conversation classes, many residents are gladder when they come across natural English.


Spending time with your internationally-savvy share mates will surely be an irreplaceable part of your life. More than 90% of current residents are students, so you may meet people who go to the same school. A fantastic encounter you can't imagine may be waiting for you.

Whether you're wondering if you live in this house or not, why don't you jump into "BeGood Zoshigaya Station Square" and leave yourself a new encounter? A bigger world than you can imagine is waiting for you.


/Author:Akari, Photo:Ishi

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