"You can't play a symphony alone, it takes an orchestra to play it."

Nowadays, the concept of living in a share house has become more and more trending. A place where you can share with people from many places, not only from Japan but around the world, is really fascinating. And if you add the amazing concepts that share house owners are creating for each space, the idea of living there just sounds perfect.

Share Houses gather a full canvas of people with many different kinds of interests. Some of them might be looking for a spacious kitchen where to create new delicious dishes, others could be interested in the multicultural exchange and some others could be looking for a place where to develop their passion for arts. Whatever they are looking for, there would be always a share house that can meet their expectations.

On this occasion, I would like to talk about a particular share house located in Mukaihara that was thought for those who love music. In Japan, were music studios might be kinda pricy or a house with a soundproof room almost impossible to find, “Otowa Kotake Mukaihara” appears as an option to not only enjoy music but also live in a community. Even the name was perfectly chosen to convey this concept. “Otowa”, comes from "OTO" which means “Sound” (music) + “WA” which essentially identifies the main topic of the sentence. The name explains this house itself, right? It's all about music.

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The living room is the main stage

As I said before, "Otowa Kotake Mukaihara" was specially designed under the concept of "music lover". It isn't just for those who enjoy good music but for those which music is part of their life. The distinctive feature in this share house is the two soundproof rooms that can be freely used by its 20 residences.


Soundproof room 1- Where a new melody would be born

The first room, oriented to classical music, has a grand piano; while the second room is fully equipped with drums and guitars perfect enough to make a band.


Imagine how cool would it be to make your huge debut in a band conformed by housemates! 

But do not worried if you don't have any musical instruments or have never played one. As I said the concept of this house is "for music lover" so it is enough to just enjoy the music by listening. Maybe you could become the manager or the president of the fan club?  


Moving to the common areas, under the soft sunlight coming from the huge windows, the living looks like a big stage. 


One of the attractions of share is that there is a possibility that an event will be born whether you eat breakfast or cook dinner. 


 If you open the curtains you will find an attractive terrace perfect to enjoy meals or just to have a deep chat about music. The atmosphere here is relaxing.


 Listen to everyone's conversations from the living room, cook the food, or observe the situation of the share mates coming and going from the room. 



We asked the owners and residents about the atmosphere in this share house. Photo: (Right) Mr. Tanaka, Senior Managing Director, SPIK VANSTAR CO., Ltd. (Left) Mr. Tanaka, the same company's employee, and resident in “Otowa Kotake Mukaihara”

Mr. Tanaka: “In Otowa Kotake Mukaihara, events can be held easily so I decided to schedule it in advance and move according to my feelings. It's attractive to be able to play music whenever you want. ''

Mr. Tanaka, who woke up to the pleasure of playing music when he was a student, proposed the concept of “Otowa Kotake Mukaihara” as a place where music lovers gather and create their life theme. I'm glad to see that his vision seems to have been realized.

Mr. Tanaka: “Recently, it seems to be trendy to record cover songs of popular artists, etc., and uploaded them on SNS, like youtube or Instagram".

Mr. Sanaka: “Our residents also like to record covers in the music room, some times they are the one who plans the whole production and some other times the house operator takes part and help them with the production.”

It's admirable the participation of the house manager in the activities of the share house. It's also a great advantage for the residents who feel the support in every activity they plan. After all, the music gathers people together and the proof of this is the big whiteboard leaning against the wall with all the events and schedules planned.

“It would be nice to rent a hall somewhere to perform a concert,” said Mr. Tanaka with a huge smile. I could tell how much he loves music by listening to his happily talk about the future in “Otowa Kotake Mukaihara”. So leave your schedule open because live performances are coming soon!

The Ekoda area, where Otowa is located, is a music town. There are many schools where you can learn music, including Musashino College of Music and Nihon University College of Art. You can feel the musical vibes every day from morning to night in this neighborhood.


A “life with music” is granted.

“Otowa Kotake Mukaihara”, opened in 2018, is a share house close to “Kotake Mukaihara Station” (Yurakucho Line / Fukutoshin Line ). Although it is located in a quiet residential area, close to universities and parks, it is also conveniently near the major areas in Tokyo such as Ikebukuro and Shinjuku. Did you ever have the dream to make a band or compose a hit? In this sharehouse, those wishes that didn't work out just because you couldn't find the right place or someone to share with would become real.

This is the time to truly enjoy, breath, feel and live the music. If you love music, please consider this Otowa Kotake Mukaihara to compose the new melody of your life.

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/Author: Natsu, Translator: Katty , Photo: Ishi


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