A peaceful place to escape the buzz of city life

Are you ready to start your new dream life at this share house with people from Japan and all over the world? The sharehouse I would like to introduce in this opportunity is TOKYO SHARE HAMADAYAMA.

Enjoy a quiet and elegant place located in a residential area at only four minutes on foot from Eifuku Station or six from Hamadayama Station. The monthly rent is just 69,000 - 75,000 and is available for male and female tenants.

Classy, inviting, and very charming, TOKYO SHARE HAMADAYAMA is based on an open design concept that encourages freedom of movement and the warmth of a more intimate home. 

Everything you need for your NEW lifestyle!

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keeping warm by the fire on a cold day.

Inside the house is a colorful living room with a large fireplace which creates a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Living together in this warm and homelike atmosphere makes very easy to get along well with housemates while enjoying a good TV show, movie or just a nice chat. The living room has also a piano ready to be played, are you willing to learn to play the piano in your new house?!

Share with your housemates your favorite songs. For sure you can have a precious time with your housemates from all over the world here!


Chit-chat with your mates while cooking!

The kitchen with face-to-face stations is good to cook together while having a nice chat. Basic items and kitchen appliances are equipped so you don’t have to worry when cooking your favorite home-made dishes. The kitchen includes 2 rice cookers, microwave, electric oven, and ingredients or supplies storages for each room.

This kitchen was thought as a place that should make it easy to become close friends with your housemates. Something special in this house is the vegetable garden for you to grow fresh fruits and vegetables for every meal and even to hold a BBQ party with your news house mates!



 Simple but stylish.

Warm colored cozy interior lightens up the private rooms that create a warm atmosphere which enables you to feel relaxed. TOKYO SHARE HAMADAYAMA has 14 private rooms with enough space that includes bed, desk, chair, A/C, and clothes hanger. Some rooms include mini-fridge. Wallpaper and curtains differ from room to room to give each room a completely different style.


BATHROOMS AND WASHROOM: privacy and comfort.

There are 4 toilets and 3 showers located in the different floors of the house. The bathtub is located on second floor perfect to relax after a long day.

GYM & SAUNA : the perfect balance!

Besides sharing spaces such as the kitchen, shower room, washroom, or living room TOKYO SHARE HAMADAYAMA also has a gym area and sauna where you can train your body aiming a healthier lifestyle or relax and refresh your soul.

11_xlarge 7_xlarge
WORKPLACE & TERRACE: a place for yourself

The terrace is the perfect space to enjoy the weather or just to rest in the hanging chair with your own thoughts. Meanwhile, the workplace area is ideal if you are looking for a place where you can focus in your assignments, study or just enjoy a good book. Of course, Wi-Fi is available in the whole house.


Two washing and drying machines are placed on the second floor and one washing machine on the first floor. All of them can be used for free.

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OTHER FACILITIES: extra spaces!

This share house also offers a parking area for bicycles and bikes, a storage space in the entrance of the house for shoes or umbrellas, and a warehouse space with keys dedicated to each room. Everything for free!

TOKYO SHARE HAMADAYAMA has a homely atmosphere since the share house is a small community living with 14 people, tenants can create a family alike relationship. Moving to this share house provides you a unique opportunity to engage in cultural exchange and communication between your housemates. Living with native Japanese gives you not only a chance to improve your own Japanese skills but also to learn more about how is the real Japanese lifestyle.

If you are looking for a fully private room with beautiful furniture and interior decoration, extremely convenient location, and affordable price but still want to enjoy the benefits of sharing experience and making new memories with new people. This place is made for you!

/Author:Katty, Photo: Sugi 


Area 3 Hamadayama. Suginami-ku, Tokyo
Rent ¥60,000 ~ ¥61,000
Keio Inokashira Line Nishi Eifuku Station 4 mins on foot
Keio Inokashira Line Hamadayama Station 6 mins on foot
Condition Male, Female

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