Like that there’s no border for a fine coffee...

It’s no doubt that everyone wants to be relaxed and have a good time with those living together.

Chit-chatting at a big living room or chilling out at the terrace on a fine day.

Some may wish to live in a stylish house like the ones you see in TV shows. Has it ever cross your mind how wonderful it will be to live in a house with a cafe-like atmosphere, encountering a drama-like scene in daily life.

The share house I will introduce today are for those who wants to make a dream of living in the house you long for come true. It is called "FineMaison Inadazutsumi”, a unisex share house with 42 rooms in total.

About 100㎡ wide living room is designed according to a theme “Cafe in the woods”. It is divided into 4 areas, lounge, dining, bar, and cafe counter. Residents have a choice where and how to spend their day in the room.

Outside the house is a terrace surrounded by trees. There is even a exciting plan to make manga room in near future.

You can access without train transfer to Shinjuku station from Inadazutsumi station which is the nearest from the house.Share house is 7 minutes walk from Keio-Inadazutumi station of Keio-Sagamihara line. (Only a 4 minutes walk from Inadazutsumi station of JR Nambu line) For a daily shopping, there is a convenience store within a walking distance.

In front of the building is a broad parking space. No need to search for a nearby parking lot! Feel free to enjoy cycling or motorcycle riding on weekends.

Now, let me start introducing the share house from the entrance.

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 Walking from station to the house, bright red roof under the clear blue sky catches your eyes. Not only at the front, but also at the back are a terrace. The building is surrounded by lots of greenery.

Going through the big wooden door at the entrance and turning to the right, you will see the huge living room through the glass door.



Concept of the design is “Cafe in the woods”. Over 100㎡ big living room, wow!

Living room designed with a concept of "cafe in the woods” is all so overwhelmingly spacious. Interiors are stylish but also create a cozy atmosphere which enables you to feel relaxed. One of the unique feature of this house’s living room is that it consists of 4 different areas such as lounge, dining, bar, and cafe.

Space is enough for maximum of 42 rooms' residents all gathered in it. If you want to spend your day alone studying, go to a cafe counter. If you are planning to spend time with your share mates, use a dining area. Isn’t it convenient that you have several choices according to your plan of how to spend your day?

living3 living7
Take a seat by the window with terrace view. Living room from another angle.
living6 intelia2
A photo taken from a corner of the lounge area. Several small fashionable interiors are placed on the table.



Big and functional kitchen you can’t expect living alone.

There is a kitchen right next to the living room. As you can see in the picture, it has ample of space and is functionally designed. In the back are two refrigerators.

Four kitchen sinks and other facilities such as IH stoves are equipped. Imagine cooking, serving, and eating with your share mates after work or on weekends. Doesn’t it feel fulfilling to share time eating together?

kitchen4 kitchen3
 Enough space to prepare food with several people.  Plenty of space to store things. Basic items needed for cooking is equipped from the beginning.
kitchen5 kitchen
This is what storage space looks like. Talk with your share mates how to divide them into each one's personal space. A view of lounge area from the kitchen.




Simple but elegant white rooms.

Individual rooms are basically white toned.

Almost every room has restrooms and washing basin equipped. Air conditioning, refrigerator, chair, bed, closet, and curtain are already set in each room so you can move in without big furnitures.

All rooms have digital self-locking system so that you can keep your personal space.

We will introduce to you how the rooms looks like.

room5 room1
This is a picture of room 101. The room you see in above picture is room 201. There is a washing basin equipped so you can get ready without stepping out of your room.
room4 room2
Room 219 is for 2 people. This is room It is simply designed in white.



Remarkable facility utilizing its’ space to the maximum.

A large-scaled share house with 42 individual rooms are also remarkable in it's facility. Surprisingly, there are 7 laundry machine and bathrooms(two bathtubs and 5 shower rooms). You won’t feel inconvenient living with that many people. Yes, you need to be considerate of others at some point, but with this much of facilities, your stress may decrease.

facility2 facility
A picture of restroom. It has bidet functions. Laundry and drying machines are placed in a room on the first floor.
facility4 facility6
This is a shower room. The room is colored in white. There are bathrooms with bathtubs as you can see in the above picture.


A comfortably designed spaces leads people to be connected under the same roof.

By choosing a share house as your new residence, more or less, you are expecting to meet new people. Don’t you want to spend a great time with your new friends?

“FineMaison Inadazutsumi” can also keep your private space private by it’s structure. You don’t need to go through a living room to get to your private room. In addition, most of the rooms have washing basin and restroom equipped which enables you to feel more private compared to other share houses. The share space is big enough to find your best way to spend time according to your condition or purpose.

I assume that there will be variety of residents moving in. Like that there’s no border for a fine coffee and cuisines, you sure can get along with your share mates naturally by spending time in their own ways at the sharing living room.

Fine select Inc. runs this house.

Staff working in the firm is very ernest and trustworthy was the impression I got from the conversations we had. They focus and never compromise on creating a space that residents feel safe and comfortable. It runs over 100 share houses all over Tokyo which enables you to ask for an advise when moving to other district.

I recommend for those who even a little bit thought that “I might want to be a part of share house life, living with all sorts of people with different perspectives” to come and take a look. Once you see how fulfilling the facilities are, your heart may be filled with excitement imagining the life here.

Under a red roof is a cafe with a sense of warmth brought out by woods.

“Our life is exactly like the ones you see in TV Dramas"

At first, you were just one of the residents, sitting back, observing others’ life with a cup of coffee in hand. But when you know it, you are playing the leading part of your own story created in the house.

That kind of life may await you...


/Author:Moriyama, Photo: Ishi


FineMaison Inada-Zutsumi
House DetailFineMaison Inada-Zutsumi
Area Tama-ku, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Rent ¥49,000 ~ ¥60,000
Keio-Sagamihara line Keio-Inada-Zutsumi station 7 min walk
JR Nanbu Line Inada-Zutsumi station 4 min walk
Condition Male, Female

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