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Localife is a special place like no other. For newcomers to Japan or even those who have been here for a while and would like to integrate with the culture better, make great friends, meet amazing people from all around the world, or enjoy a great community environment that feels like home, it is the perfect spot! All of the residents are able to speak English, and are excited to meet people from all around the world. Having local Japanese friends who speak English makes bridging some obstacles in the country much less daunting, and sharing different perspectives on everyday life and events always makes for entertaining discussions at dinner or at a Localife party where locals and travellers come together! Another unique characteristic of Localife is that there are not just Japanese and non- Japanese residents living together, but Couch-Surfers and other travellers from overseas. This really adds an exciting flavour to the mix and always brings some new perspectives (and sometimes actual foreign cuisine) to the table.

「LOCALIFE MIZONOKUCHI」Details of the property is here    


Good location. Within 20 min from Shibuya.

The share house is situated on the third floor of an attractive building located down a secluded pathway only a four minute walk from Takatsu, the nearest station on the Denentoshi and Oimachi lines. Mizunokuchi station is only an eight minute walk away and is a larger area with many shops and restaurants.


This is the West Exit for Takatsu station, which is 18 minutes away from Shibuya station on the local train.


The main thoroughfare from Takatsu station towards the share house. There is a Dominos pizza, McDonalds as well as convenience stores and bars along this road.


Wide entrace

The very spacious entrance area provides ample room to change shoes and is well equipped with plenty of shelf space as well as shoe storage for the resident’s rooms.


The hallway leading from the entrance to the main living area has three bedrooms on the right hand side, and one room on the left.


The spacious restroom just off the main entrance as well as the very large shoe closets which provide plenty of space to store multiple pairs of shoes (the pictured closet holds shoes for two residents)


Warm living room with bright sunshine

This main living area has very large windows set in sliding doors that lead out to the terrace. There is a lot of natural light in this spacious area and provides the perfect environment for residents to hang out, relax, and connect with each other.


The main living area taken from near the kitchen looking towards the windows and terrace.


Three sofas and a large kitchen table provide comfort and utility for residents to unwind and eat at.


 This mini-kitchen provides a place to prepare simple meals.


The well equipped and large kitchen features all of the major amenities.


Close up of the mini-kitchen shows the secondary sink.


There is an Induction Heating stovetop in the mini-kitchen next to the sink.


A wide variety of dishes, plates, bowls, and cutlery ensure that you will have something for every occasion.


Two fridges in the main kitchen and a third next to the mini-kitchen provide plenty of storage for the share-house’s eight residents.


What a room looks like

Room 301. Features a shelving area built into the wall with another large, double- doored closet.


Room 305. Slightly different layout with shelving built into one of the closets.


Rooms 302, 303, and 304 are similar in size and shape.All three have a second door which opens into a sun room that can be used to access the terrace.


 Sum room along side room 302-304


There is also a large terrace


Enjoy a cup of drink at terrace


The laundry room has two washing machine (free to use) 


There is a large bathtub in the second hallway off of the main living area.


Close up of the sealed bath room.


Make new friends in the house

Some people enjoying conversation around the dinner table. These people are here to provide scale for the room. These people are what one would consider standard size. The one girl was not allowed to sit at the table. It was sad.


This is a space for guest to stay. It has a bunk bed and a little bit of room for travellers to unpack their luggage and even store some small food items.


Alice playing the piano. Most guests are from Couch Surfing and come from a variety of countries, cultures, and backgrounds, but it is the traveling spirit that unites everyone. In this photo from right to left, there is: Jake from Korea who works for a Japanese IT company, Alice, from France, who is a singer/songwriter, and Sue from Luxembourg, who is studying biology in New Caledonia.


The Yamaha upright piano.


Ken and guests having and English conversation.


A selection of the fine varieties of rice wine from the Sake party.


Tatsuki, describing the different flavours and characteristics of Sake.


A chart outlining the different way of describing the temperature of Sake  with a variance of five degrees between each level.


Brandon exchanging a high-five after getting a correct answer during the Sake quiz.


Evan giving the universally recognized answer to the question of “would you like some more Sake?”


Guests are from all over the world. This world map will be filled with Polaroid pictures of guests soon.

I hope this has been a good introduction to what the Localife lifestyle is like. Sharing spaces, ideas, companionship, and time with amazing people and helping bring the world closer together. It truly feels like a second family and a home away from home. I know I will always look back on my time living at Localife with fondness and know that I have lifelong friends who live all across the globe and enjoy seeing them
when I travel overseas. Localife brings the best of being in a new country and the social comforts of lifelong friends together. This makes for an unforgettable experience. Get in touch with us online, or better yet, come to one of our parties and find out what makes Localife so special for yourself! See you soon!

/Author:English articles by a previous resident Evan

~CouchSurfing Community~LOCALIFE Mizonokuchi
House Detail~CouchSurfing Community~LOCALIFE Mizonokuchi
Area Futako-tamagawa, Mizonokuchi Area
Rent -
Denentohsi Line, Oimachi Line Takatsu 4min walk
Denentoshi Line Oimachi Line Mizonokuchi 8min walk
Condition Male, Female
Now fully occupied

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