Live smart. Reap the benefits of living in a sharehouse.

Kita Ayase in Adachi-ku is an education capital with many elementary and secondary schools in the area. As expected, there are also many housing complexes and residential houses lining the quiet streets here. That might be why there are countless discount supermarkets, drug stores, and other convenient shops around. A person could live on a budget or at least very reasonably here.

The sharehouse we will showcase today is quite a distance from local Kita-Ayase station, however for that very reason residents can keep costs down by shopping at nearby discount stores and only paying around 30,000 yen in rent. It is possible to live reasonably, only spending money on the necessary bills and expenses, and use the rest of your money wisely to invest in your future. This house has the best environment to support new residents to Tokyo, be you an exchange student from another country, someone starting work in Japan, or someone moving to the city from the country.

From local train station Kita-Ayase it takes 56 minutes to Shibuya, stopping at major stations like Akasaka, Hibiya and Otemachi on the way. The sharehouse itself is a new property built from shipping containers with a modern exterior and fresh, white-colored interior. If you can tolerate the commute, this house is a great price.

Let’s check out the property!



A creative piece of architecture constructed from shipping containers

This pitch black shipping container house is rustic yet modern. It gives off an entirely different vibe from other nearby properties, so much so that it’s hard to believe this attention-seizing structure is actually a house.


The property is located quite a distance from Kita-Ayase station, and while it is not impossible to walk to the house, it’s a better idea to catch the bus. Board the bus at the station and alight approximately 20 minutes later at Shinhirobashi, the bus stop near the house.


The house has been constructed by joining shipping containers together. Look closely and you can distinguish each container from the next.


Down the gravel path you will find bicycle parking.


Currently each new resident receives a bicycle on a first come, first served basis!


There is bicycle parking at Ayase train station, too, so if you ride there you can save money on bus tickets!


That said, it looks like many people around the area ride bicycles, too. The bicycle parking lot was crammed today. Try to get in early!


The road from the station to the property is relatively flat and easy to ride along.


Alright, let’s change things up and look inside the house!


Gentle light warms the cozy dining floor.

Light streaming in from the window warmly illuminates the room in a refreshing manner. The dining table seats 12 and looks to be the central point of interaction in the house.


Storage boxes for all residents, as well as essential appliances including a microwave and kettle, can be found in the same room.


The first door leads to the house entrance, and the second door to the living area.


The long kitchen area looks like they’ve joined two kitchens together.


With two double burner gas stovetops cooking more than one person can use the kitchen at the same time.


You can eat your meals at this small counter if you so desire.


Chic New York style

The living room isn’t a large space, however its simple, minimalist design creates a chic, mature atmosphere.


The windows on the wall facing the street bring the outside in and create space in the room.


A shag rug decorates the floor. A shag rug has a long pile and is soft to the touch.


The dark hues of the cabinet and television stand create the atmosphere of the room.


An image of Times Square in New York lit by a nearby lamp brings an urban feel to the space.


It would be great to spend a sunny day hanging out in here. The surrounding neighborhood is quiet and with little through traffic residents aren’t bothered by noise.


Customize simple rooms to suit your personality

All rooms have the same layout, perfect for expressing one’s personality. There is conveniently also a refrigerator in each room.


1F and 2F rooms are located beyond the dining area.


A bright red column stands out near the staircase. Rooms line both sides the hallway.


There are also a limited number of rooms which are slightly more spacious and come with shelving.


The feel of the room changes entirely just by altering the color of the curtains and refrigerator to black.


Bathroom and toilet facilities are on the same floor as the rooms.


There are two washbasins backed by a large mirror. Having two basins helps with the morning rush.


The showers, bathroom and toilet facilities are all located in the same area.


Having a bathtub as well as a shower in the house is an appealing feature.

Mavalas, the company behind TOKYO SHARE AYASE KITA, also takes care of many other concept sharehouses. This particular property is recommended for business men and women or freelancers working in the city. With a WiFi connection in the house there is no need to go to the trouble to set up an internet service. You can get back to work the same day you move in.
Tokyo is a difficult city to navigate for new residents. By choosing to live in an area away from the city center you can gradually get used to your new life at your own pace. Also, a sharehouse comes with its own built-in community, which is reassuring for residents new to the city and unfamiliar with the area. That’s something lacking in standard rental properties.
Living smart in a sharehouse might be just the thing you need to kick-start your own self-awakening.


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