A place the three C’s combine

Lately I have had many opportunities to talk with residents of sharehouses, and I find myself often asking about what people these days are looking for in not just sharehouses, but in a home in general.

The most common answer is always a place where one can live in peace. It is because we have this kind of place to come home to that we can fully throw ourselves into work and play. Other answers include a place close to work, a place with a stylish interior, a newly constructed property, separate bath and toilet. Many respondents had their own order of precedence in what they desired in a house, and quite a few were less fussy with more of a minimalist approach.

Our home is a place that spurs us on in the morning and refresh and relaxes us at the end of the day. It is a place where we can turn off and forget about the day and our worries. Our need for this is universal and is something that will never change.

In this article we look at 3C-Style Ichikawa, a female-exclusive sharehouse 9-minutes walk from Ichikawa train station on the Sobu line. This house has been transformed into a place where women can live their own lives however they want to. It can be accessed by walking along a safe and cheerful main street. 3C-Style Ichikawa opened in January, 2016 and is looking for residents!

Keep reading for the low-down on what exactly the three C’s in 3C-Style mean! All will be explained after we take a look around this beautiful house.

Without further ado, let’s head on in!

「3C-STYLE Ichikawa」House Details Page


Cafe-esque lounge with high ceiling creates extraordinary atmosphere

The residents-only lounge can be found up the stairs in the front entrance. The house has an unusual structure as it is in was originally a prestigious, made-to-order residential building.


Worthy of special mention is this high ceiling with its overwhelming sense of spaciousness. The large, custom window invites ample natural light to the room.


The spaciousness of this room is emphasised with no doors closing off the kitchen and the Japanese-style sliding doors open.


The Japanese-style room built to the side of the cafe-esque lounge offers a place to sit down, stretch out and relax.


Closing the paper sliding doors creates an entirely Japanese-style environment.


Bottles of Japanese sake line the top of the cabinet at the back of the room.


Guidebooks on the Chiba area are also assembled here.


Appliances including an electric kettle, a microwave and a coffee maker are ready to use on a cabinet near the staircase.


Explore new cuisine with recipe books available to use. There is one on microwave cooking, too.


The kitchen is located at the very back of the lounge.


It has the essentials like a refrigerator and rice cooker...


...as well as a bread maker and an appliance that smokes meat.


Enjoy working out in the indoor fitness room

The fitness room is located down the entryway stairs, and is a place where residents can work out using equipment or even use the space to do yoga.


Exercise and deepen your physical health knowledge at the same time with these health books and magazines available to read.


There is also a book library corner where residents can lend and borrow books from any genre with each other.


The lounge opens out onto a balcony. Residents can move to terrace seating on sunny days.


The hallways in the house are also wide, adding to the overall spaciousness of the interior.


After exercising soak away sore muscles in the bathtub.


Simply designed private rooms

All rooms are private rooms with simple layouts. Some rooms have living space with a kitchenette (Room 1 above).


There are also rooms with Japanese-esque touches (Room 3 above).


Residents live very comfortably here with great communal areas and private rooms (Room 4 above).

3C-STYLE Ichikawa is a project by Kitajima Financial Desgn. The three C’s in the name of the house stand for Care Up, Cheer Up and Career Up, speaking for the company’s goal to provide a relaxing environment where residents can study and learn while moving towards self-fulfillment.

Furthermore, this house operates a ‘workshare’ system where residents who are responsible for cleaning and other chores receive some kind of remuneration, which can then be deducted from the monthly rent.

This is a sharehouse where women can live comfortably and also find that something to help propel them to the next level in their career or lives. All of you ladies out there itching to make a change should stop thinking about it and do it this spring!