An extravagant share life with glimmering chandeliers: Classico Shin-Okachimachi

Today we took a visit to Classico Shin-Okachimachi, a share house that's recently opened after renovating a large stately mansion featuring an elevator, chandeliers, and even a piano.

This large scale share house with 39 rooms is a 4 story structure featuring a 40 tatami atrium-style living room and a rooftop deck, with floors for men, women, and a coed floor as well. What we found interesting was that each room has a different arrangement, so you can enjoy picking which room you'd like to live in. We're sure you'll enjoy paying a visit to take a look at the rooms.

Only 10 minutes away from 4 stations and 5 train lines, this is an extremely convenient place for those working in the metropolitan area located within walking distance of Akihabara and Ueno, so for all you students, working adults, and even Foreigner visitors, be sure to have a look!

「Classico Shin-Okachimachi」House Detail Page

Atrium-style living room brimming with a sense of openness

The living room located in the center of the building is a spacious 40 tatamis (66m2), lit by gorgeous chandeliers and includes a balcony. Relaxing on the couch gathered together with other residents, or inviting friends over to enjoy meal or to throw a party, one can imagine a share house life with a touch of elegance.

Light of the sun poured brilliantly

Relaxing on the couch gathered together with other residents, or inviting friends over to enjoy meal or to throw a party, one can imagine a share house life with a touch of elegance.


Here's a look at the outside。It has an atmosphere reminiscent of a stylish bar.

At the entrance is the Classico signboard.

Going up the elevator, you'll finally arrive at the central living room.

Looking up you'll see the extravagant chandelier.

A shot from the top of the stairs.

Next is the entrance hall.

Here's a shot of the kitchens. There are stand-alone kitchens on separate floors with three in total.

Apart from being able to cook meals at your own leisure, because this is a large-scale share house, there will be various people living here, sometimes wanting to be by themselves or perhaps change their mood. With that in mind, we believe if you're living here it's invaluable to have several shared spaces on different floors.

With one of them located adjacent to the living room, it gives the feeling there will be more parties being held in the future.


Room 204

Room 206

Room 212

Room 305

Room 403

Room 501


As expected from a house previously owned by a wealthy person, the elegance of the atrium-style living room with its chandelier and piano is only natural. However, with its adjacent balcony, elevator, and 3 stand-alone kitchens, we believe you'll be able to spend your days living here with more leeway than you could living alone.

 With its great location and reasonable pricing, although this share house has just opened, there are already quite a few inquiries and people who have decided to move in. For those of you who have interest, be sure to hurry while there's still room.

  Also when we visited, a party was being held for residents as well as those who have decided to move in. The owner treated everyone to home cooked food, and the staff was very courteous. Seeing the residents immediately hitting it off and deepening exchanges, we got the impression of a fun "share house life" being here.

/Author: moriyama

House DetailXROSS Ueno3
Area 4-chome, Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Rent ¥53,000 ~ ¥59,000
JR Yamanote Line Shinokachimachi station 1 mn walk
Condition Male, Female, 年齢制限あり

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