Have fun learning English through international exchange with bi-monthly English conversation activities

Location, rent, design, concept. We all have our own preferences and priorities when choosing a place to live, be that place a sharehouse or anywhere else, and we use these to narrow down our lists of desirable properties. It wouldn’t be so bad to live in the house of your dreams, would it?

Arden Shinjuku is a sharehouse that comes pretty close to being the ideal house for anyone. There are 5 train stations within a 15-minute walk from the house, the closest being Okubo station on the JR Sobu line a 2-minute walk and Shin Okubo station on the JR Yamanote line a 3-minute walk away. Also with Seibu Shinjuku station on the Seibu Shinjuku line within a 5-minute walk, Higashi Shinjuku station on the Fukutoshin line within a 13-minute walk and Shinjuku station within a 15-minute walk the house is in a very convenient location for travel, be you commuting to work, school or heading out for some fun.

The building itself is a new property built in 2015. The interior resembles a Brooklyn New York cafe or library with its mid-century vintage furniture and use of both natural and aged wood.
The house has been created around the concept of English conversation, one of its appeals being that residents can enjoy international and cultural exchange with non-Japanese living in the house also. There is thorough support for everyone, from people who just want to enjoy English in a carefree manner to those who seriously want to study the language.

This house may just be the perfect balance between good location, rent, design and concept.

Let’s move on and take a look inside the house!

「ARDEN Shinjuku」House Details Page


3-storey sharehouse with 25 rooms in quiet residential area newly constructed in 2015

Nearby a train station in the middle of the city, the white sharehouse Arden Shinjuku sits in a quiet residential area off the main street.


The front entrance is reminiscent of a mansion estate with its double doors, accessible by pinpad.


Inside, the front hallway is spacious with a ventilation fan in place to ward off the smell of shoes.


Mailboxes for each resident line the wall beside the door.


There is also a sign properly in place.


Nearby a friendly cat who will surely become the house unexpectedly makes an appearance.


Polished interior design has a Brooklyn N.Y cafe/library vibe.

The shared living room is on the third floor, with a high ceiling and window facing south creating the perfect atmosphere. Lower the blinds for the warm lighting and wooden furniture together to heighten the mood instantly.


While having a high ceiling creates space, it gets cold during winter. This house is fitted with floored heating, however, warming your body up from your toes to your fingers.


The open kitchen design also works to create space in the house.


With the warm lighting in this room residents can really sit down and relax on the provided sofa.


The ceiling is lower here than the dining area, creating a relaxed mood.


Indirect lighting placed around here and there accent the room nicely.


The dining room is just the right size, without being too big or too spacious, perfect for residents to interact and mingle in.


There is window space above the installed blind-style curtains...


...from which residents can enjoy the beautiful night sky and see all the way to Shinjuku’s famous buildings without anything obstructing the view.


The kitchen has two gas stoves and sinks and plenty of room to cook in.


An oven is a rare find in Japanese households, and the non-Japanese residents get a lot of use out of this one.


All the kitchen appliances you could need are available to use whenever you please.


Bath and toilet possess both design and function

It goes without saying that the design of the bathrooms and washbasins around the house are of excellent quality, and so is the functionality. The nozzles on the freestanding washbasins are actually showerheads, which can be pulled out and lengthened as one desires.


This is the powder room. This kind of room and its design will certainly please the ladies.


Getting ready here in the morning will no doubt get you excited for the day.


There is a laundry room on the third floor with washing machines and dryers free to use.


A balcony with some outdoor furniture is accessible from the laundry room.


Residents can hang their washing to dry out here on sunny days.


Comfortable and fully furnished private rooms

Rooms come furnished with a bed, desk, chair and storage cupboard so you can pack up and move in with nothing but a suitcase in your hand.


All the rooms are same mostly for layout and the size.


Sharehouses aren’t all about having fun with your sharemates -- you can have your private time, too.

Operating ARDEN Shinjuku is Sharestyle. This company is the forerunner in English conversation concept sharehouses, and with their experience gained from many trials and tribulations in the industry they provide not just a beautifully designed space, but a home away from home to support their residents.

Should any trouble occur in the house a staff member will be their for support on all levels until the situation is resolved, and continue to look in on everything for three months afterwards in a very thorough way.

The English conversation concept does not involve sitting down in a classroom, but is realized in a fun and enjoyable way through bi-monthly activities such as parties and other events. The hosts of these events are usually non-Japanese people living in other houses, so not only will you be able to interact with those living in your house, but with people from other houses as well.

The best thing about sharehouses is they have everything you could possibly want, which is impossible to find in a regular rental property.

Living in a great place is the first big step towards creating a better lifestyle for yourself. ARDEN Shinjuku is just the place to do that, and will surely enrich the lives of everyone calling this sharehouse home.