Live in touch with the five senses in a town where people from up and coming creators to seasoned artisans gather

When interesting people come together to create amazing things, they draw in more and more people. This is a positive thing, and there so happens to be a passionate area like this in the east of Tokyo.

Today we will be showcasing a female-exclusive sharehouse located here, Isoletta. The 2km area in all directions covering Shin-Okachimachi, Kuramae and Asakusabashi is known as Kachikura, and is becoming the holy ground for arts and crafts in Japan.

A walk-through event called Monomachi for people to experience the charm of the town and it crafts is held periodically. There is upwards of 200 participating vendors including cafes in old buildings and warehouses, as well as small stalls set up by arts and crafts business, craftsmen and original creators. Setting up your own stall is quite intimidating. As a resident of Isoletta you could collaborate with other housemates and share a stall together.

Located in such a vibrant neighborhood and only a 1-minute walk from Shin-Okachimachi station, Isoletta is one house where any working woman would love to live.

Near the station are Japan’s second oldest shopping areas, Satake Shopping Arcade and Okasu Alley. Walking around checking out the stores would be a great way to spend your off days.

Let’s get on with it and have a look at the house!

「Isoletta」House Details Page


Spend free and easy days in the spacious communal area designed with a blending of Japanese and Western styles

Enter and you’ll find the living room and kitchen. This creates an environment for residents to meet face to face and words of greeting to be exchanged naturally.


When you’re in the living room with this vibrant red sofa you’ll feel happy and joyful.


Lovely ornaments can be found here and there throughout the house.


Spacious dining area

Imagine the fun you could have with 8 girls gathered around the dining table sharing a meal together.


The kitchen. Everything you could need is at your fingertips, including tableware and kitchen appliances.


There are personal storage spaces for each resident, meaning you have enough room to buy and try out a variety of different sauces and spices.


The stove has gas burners with great heating power.


There is also a microwave for those busy days when you want to prepare your meal with little fuss. It also has steaming capabilities.


There’s a washstand right by the entrance, perfect for checking your personal appearance one last time before you step out the door in the morning.


There is a toilet on each floor.


The shower and laundry.


A collaboration of Japanese and Western style with charming paper sliding screens

This is Room 302. The natural light coming in through the large window and its paper sliding screen is exceptional. With plenty of storage space you’ll have little to worry about living here.


Room 403 on the 4F has a cozy atmosphere.


Room 501 on the 5F comes with a bed and desk provided.


A stylish Japanese-taste ornament at the top of the stairs.

No matter how busy your weekdays are, you can always relax and enjoy a beer on the rooftop gazing at the Tokyo Sky Tree at night.

A tiled sign welcomes residents and visitors to the house.


This house is administered by the company Yadoya. The owner himself has an interest in creating sharehouses and is there to support you in your new city lifestyle. When I spoke with him for this article it really came across how important he values the relationships with his tenants, as he is managing the whole operation himself.

Yadoya takes care of its residents by hosting all kinds of events, such as plum wine making, cooking days and cleaning with aromatherapy, and the eight residents here, whoever they may be, will most surely achieve relaxed, peace of mind living in the city.

The company also values connections with the locals of Shin-Okachimachi, and living here you may make a local acquaintance or two.

Brilliant men and women, both young and old, gather in this lively arts and crafts neighborhood with its long-loved shopping arcade and Ueno park and Asakusa temple around the corner. You too will surely be met with new and exciting encounters here.

This artsy neighborhood brings people together, and there’s nothing more wonderful than that.


House DetailIsoletta
Area Koijma, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Rent ¥52,000 ~ ¥53,000
Tsukuba Express LIne shin-Okachimachi station 1 min walk
Toei Oedo Line shin-Okachimachi station 1 min walk
Condition Female, 30代まで