Create your own story living in this retro house.

Lolly shops, antiques, coffee lounges, soda pop… What comes to mind when we think of the world ‘retro’? Perhaps something that is old-school and chic. Something tasteful.

Such ‘tasteful retro’ can be found at ‘niko house Futako’, the sharehouse we’ll be showcasing in this article.

It’s no newly constructed designer house, but is alive with the stories and legacies of the many housemates who have lived here and since moved on.

The house stands quietly in a serene residential area a 5-minute walk from Futako-Shinchi station, in a convenient location close to a popular bakery, supermarket and convenience store.

Let’s have a look inside!

「niko house Futako」House Details Page 


Mismatched chairs, art on the wall, and a ceiling fan. Open yourself to a unique world view.

The living room oozes an asian-style vibe set with classic furniture.


Eyes will be drawn first to this large table. Mismatched chairs of white, black, and varying designs sit around the table creating a tasteful finish.


At the back of the room is a great sofa to sit back and relax in. I can imagine sitting down and being glued to the television here.


Looking over the room from the sofa you can see that the room has length, creating unexpected spaciousness.


There's a big TV...


...and a lovely DVD player so you can watch movies with your housemates.


Homemade plum wine sits above an elegant shelf, no doubt put to use at the frequently held parties in the house.


An artistic shot taken by one of the housemates.


The fan hanging from the ceiling adds a Western edge to an exotic atmosphere.


The kitchen is well-loved and full of life.


A gas stove with two burners.


With an oven in the house, a rarity in Japanese kitchens, you will no doubt add new recipes to your personal cookbook.


Western and Japanese-style rooms invite natural light in through big windows.

This is room 201. With its corner location and big windows the room gets great natural light. It also has quite a large amount of storage space for a room in a sharehouse, and residents shouldn't have any trouble finding a place to put their things.


Next is Room 101. Fragrant olive trees grow beyond the paper sliding doors of this Japanese-style room.


Room 204 is a long, corner room.


The bathroom is a beautiful space with a spacious tub.


There as a free-to-use washing machine outside the bathroom.


A small piece of artwork can be found in the least likely of places. I’m told that many of the housemates love making things.


Take a breather up on the roof with this. great view on a sunny day.

One of the main features of this house is being able to exit out onto the roof from the 2F. You can see the Futako-Tamagawa fireworks display perfectly from up here. It’s the perfect picture of youth.


Upstairs there is another staircase coming down from the ceiling, evoking the kind of excitement felt during elementary school building a secret hideout.


This is the roof. There was not a cloud in the sky when we took this picture, and I remember feeling so good being up here.


The view from the roof down the staircase. You need to take it slow and steady on the way down because it’ very steep.


You can also look out at the view from the 2F balcony.


Time goes by peacefully in this quiet residential area.

Niko House Futako is run by Niko House. The company also looks after another house in Setagaya, and holds many joint events amongst the two. Privately owned, there is a strong connection between management and residents.

The housemates have great relationships between themselves as well, with past housemates turning up to house parties every now and again. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves here, with housemates’ original artwork found all around the house and even the manager hanging out with the residents.

Even though you’re slugging it out every day slave-driven by work, you can relax comfortably when you come home to this house. You might even amuse yourself by enjoying favorite pastimes with housemates on your days off.

Paintings and parts of the interior are a marvellous record of housemates past. Why don’t you, too, not only follow in their footsteps but create your own footprint in the house also?


niko house Futako
House Detailniko house Futako
Area Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki-shi Futako
Rent ¥55,000 ~ ¥63,000
5 min walk from Futako-shinchi Station
15 min walk from Futakotamagawa Station
Condition Male, Female

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