Newly constructed sharehouse from Designer’s House

A place where one can bask in the sunlight, breath deeply and relax.

Imagine that pure-like ambiance between midnight and early morning when there aren’t too many people out and about. Imagine going camping on the outskirts of town and welcoming the new day with nature all around you. You can get a nice, fresh start to the day by yawning loudly and stretching your arms up to the sky above, naturally releasing the stress built up throughout the week in your body you didn’t even know that you had.

If you want to experience mornings like these in your everyday life, however, both where you live and the environment within are very important. So, we introduce to you today Wabisabi House off Jiyugaoka, a newly constructed sharehouse by Designer’s House located in a residential area surrounded by lush nature despite being in the middle of the city.

The house is located in Setagaya’s Fukusawa. Fukusawa is known as a quiet, lush high-class residential area said to be home to the houses of many famous Japanese celebrities. Wabisabi House has been designed for easy navigation and is surrounded by nature with cherry blossom trees growing near the entrance and a natural lawn maintained around the house. The interior uses undressed concrete as a base, smartly combined with wooden floorboards and matched with the kind of furniture that makes you feel like you’re outdoors.

It is most certainly a rare address in which one can experience all that nature has to offer right in the middle of the city.

Let’s get on with it and have a look inside this house in lush Fukusawa!!

「Wabi Sabi House OFF JIYUGAOKA」House Details Page


Enjoy the outdoors as you please with the spacious yard filled with lush greenery

Heading off Meguro-Dori street down a path you are greeted by the house entrance surrounded by trees with leaves that change color with the seasons. This private path is part of the house and is only traversed by residents, which means it can also be used by those in the house in a variety of ways.


The green of the nature against the white exterior is reminiscent of a faraway resort hotel.


A wooden deck surrounded by a variety of trees leads to the front entrance. There is even a lemon tree.


How divine would it be to spend weekends reading a book or dozing off while swaying in one of these hammocks?


An artistic water fountain has been placed at the entrance, and on quiet days all you can hear is the relaxing sound of water trickling down and the chirping of small birds.


The front hallway does not have the regular raised platform found in Japanese homes. There is a high-capacity shoe locker and a small working area here.


The difference in floor height in the lounge is used to create contrasting atmospheres of stillness and motion.

The interior has great natural light with rooms bright enough during the day that you don’t need to turn on the lights. There are two communal areas for the tenants to gather in, and the dining room table uses the difference in floor height to its advantage to create to different environments, one for sitting on the floor and relaxing and the other for more active tasks such as cooking and cleaning.


The other communal area is a space filled with rough furniture creating an outdoor environment inside. You can also enjoy a BBQ on the terrace outside.


All communal areas have doors leading outdoors for easy access so you can step outside without any hastle.


With these foldable chairs often used in camping you’ll feel like you’re outside even when you’re inside!


The large screen TV comes complete with a home theatre system so you can turn the room into a mini cinema by closing the curtains.


The dining room floor is not floorboards but undressed concrete, an easy to clean choice in an area that gets dirty often.


All of the appliances you could possibly need are provided in the kitchen and there is enough space so as not to feel inconvenienced when cooking.


You can just imagine others gathering around, drawn to the kitchen by the smell of something amazing cooking.


Open the door from the right to find the microwave oven and rice cooker, and from the left for the washing machine and dryer.


Wake yourself up with a strong cup of coffee in the morning from the THERMOS coffee machine.


The communal bathroom and toilet. With two communal bathrooms in the house and also within the private rooms, there’s plenty to go around.


The bath is also quite large and comes with a function to reheat bathwater.


Private room equipped with bathroom and toilet suitable for 2 people

There are 5 rooms in total with stylish interiors of floorboards and undressed concrete walls. Each room is equipped with a bed, refrigerator, desk and chair, and one room even comes with its own bathroom and toilet, perfect for couples wanting to move in together (Room 1).


Here is the bathroom. In line with the style of Designer’s House the plumbing of the sink is exposed.


All rooms are designed to invite in natural light and because of this not only are the rooms bright, everything comes together as a calm, relaxing space.


Room 4.


Room 3.


With a built-in storage system there is plenty of room.


Looking after this sharehouse is the company Wabisabi House. The staff member in charge of the property has backpacked around the world and has experience living in a sharehouse overseas. Because of this, they are able to manage from a tenant’s point of view and with events held periodically they are not just concerned with providing a comfortable environment to live in but in creating a close-knit community also.

The percentage of non-Japanese tenants in this company’s sharehouses is comparatively high, great for those wanting to live together with people from all over the world.

This particular house has been newly constructed, finally reaching completion after one year from the planning stage and through a lot of trial and error. They also have general, non-sharehouse rooms for rent, where you can enjoy mingling with everyone else in the building while relaxing on the wide, open terrace. The owner also owns the apartment next door, and opportunities for meeting new people abound beyond those sharing the same house with you.

If you are living a busy, fast-paced lifestyle, you definitely need to check out this laidback atmosphere within the city where time seems slows down.

/Author: Kagawa

House DetailWabi Sabi House OFF JIYUGAOKA
Area 1-9-21, Fukazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Rent -
Tokyu Toyoko Line, Jiyugaoka station 18min walk
Tokyu Toyoko Line Kuhonbutsu Station 18min walk
Condition Male, Female, 年齢制限あり
Now fully occupied

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