Get in touch with sports you haven’t really played before on your own personal court at Hagako Sports, a place to live out one’s youth having fun with others

You love sports, but find that it’s too troublesome to go all the way to a court or field you have to pay fees for. You want to interact with a wide variety of people if you’re going to be making the time to exercise. Going for a run around your neighborhood just isn’t doing it for you, and playing indoor football with the same team members over and over again leaves you dissatisfied.

If this sounds like you, then the Comfort Higashi-Koganei sharehouse is the perfect place to indulge your desires. With sport as the main theme there are many facilities that promote physical activity, and tenants can learn and cultivate themselves by playing sport and interacting with each other in this large-scale sharehouse with the capacity to house 161 people.

A large court on which to enjoy tennis or futsal can be found on the premises, and a fitness studio for a wide variety of uses including dancing or yoga, as well as table tennis and billiard table, have been added inside the house.

With room in the house for 161 tenants you are bound to find a different partner for each and every sport, and as you play hard and sweat it out together the bonds of friendship will surely deepen.

The house is nearby Higashi-Kogenei station on the Chuo line. It’s quite a good location with stylish shopping area ‘nonowa Higashi-Kogenei’ found within the station and Kichijoji 10 minutes away, Shibuya 20 minutes.

This is a sports house for the enjoyment of both young and old, male or female. Let’s get right to it and have a look inside!

「Comfort Higashi-Koganei」House Details Page  


Perfectly spacious entrance with large windows and atrium ceiling

The entrance is fairly wide, as expected from a building renovated from a former company dormitory. You could entertain yourself here without even stepping into the lounge.


The exterior. Just looking at it in passing you wouldn’t take it to be a sharehouse at all, would you?


The spaciousness of the entrance extending before you as you open the door will take your breath away.


Hang out and relax, chatting with friends in the lounge. Located in a position you can’t miss as you come home for the day and open the front door, you’ll end up in here without a second thought.


The room has great lighting with the window and walls made entirely from class, creating an overwhelming sense of space.


This fun little addition can be found beside the staircase leading to the second floor.


The room from above.


Pebbles arranged in the shape of a court can be found above the front entrance. Balls of various shapes and sizes found all around the house will encourage you to get up on your feet and move your body outside.


Enjoy yourself even on rainy days in the multi-purpose room with yoga, games, table tennis or billiards.

The spacious multi-purpose room is located on the second floor. The front is for games, the middle for sports like table tennis and the back for dance or yoga. It’d be easy to hole up in here and lose track of time on both rainy and sunny days.


Simple cushions have been placed around this area so you could even fit in a snooze between all of your gaming, although this might be a tad bad-mannered.


There is quite a lot of space in this area, and it is perfect for dance practice with a large mirror attached to the wall.


You can even play games and get your body moving at the same time with Wii Sports.


Start off with table tennis then move onto billiards… You could spend the entire day in here by utilizing all of the equipment.


Then, after playing around for a while...


You can get right back to work in the workspace area also provided.


You can also do arts and crafts in here.


The room is quite large, and even though it is essentially a workspace area you could even hold strategy meetings before a big game in here.


Enjoy lively conversation in the living room with adjoining kitchen

150 people can live together in this sharehouse, and because of that the living room has been built to a suitable size. There is a wooden table, and while the room is very large there is also something relaxing about it.


Opposite-facing sofas invite conversation between housemates, something characteristic of sharehouses.


The television has been positioned on a high point on the wall so that everyone can see.


Let’s move onto the kitchen.


Living with many people means there is a row of rice cookers lined up on the shelf for use. There are also toaster ovens so you can pretty much try out any recipe you please.


Stickers in the drawers remind you where everything belongs. This is another one of the manager’s touches of consideration.


Private rooms come with refrigerators so there is no need to go all the way to the living room to get something.

Being such a large sharehouse, going all the way down to the living room every time you feel a bit peckish or thirsty can be annoying so having a refrigerator in your own room is a great convenience. Rooms also come with a bed and a desk, everything you need to move in and start living straight away.


There is plenty of room to live comfortably.


Get a feel for the building’s old company employee dormitory days in the corridors.


There is a smoking area outside for those who smoke.。


This photo was taken on a rainy day but you can really appreciate the size of the court when you’re out there standing on it.


Events are also held every now and again. The community aspect of the house is great.


Looking after this house is Oak House, professionals in the sharehouse industry who have created a large number of large-scale sharehouses in their history. Properties housing more than 100 people have increased in recent time and there is no doubt many people who doubt the management system of such properties. However, Oak House attaches one house manager to each property and the fact that they are flexible in dealing with things should anything happen is part of this company’s appeal.

These house managers interact peacefully with the tenants and participate in events on and off court.

Once we graduate from school and its afterschool sports club activities, opportunities to get out moving on the court or in the field begin to decrease. We start to feel a bit sentimental as we pass by our old schools and look upon the students trying their best at their chosen sports, remembering the good old days of our own youth.

I once heard the phrase ‘Youth is not a time of life but a state of mind’. There are no age restrictions or student card necessary in order to run around on the court.

It’s not a bad thing at all to run around on the court playing sport without a care in the world. You might even enjoy yourself more than you did when you were younger.

/Author: Emoto

Social residence Higashi-Koganei
House DetailSocial residence Higashi-Koganei
Area Midoricho,Koganei-shi,Tokyo
Rent -
JR Chou line Higashi-koganei staiton 15min
Condition Male, Female
Now fully occupied

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