A place for single parents and people who like children to raise kids

The possibilities of a sharehouse are boundless, and there are some things that can only be achieved in one. You will always have friends in a sharehouse to welcome you home of a night. Today we will show you a house for single mothers that takes advantage of aspects found only in the unique environment that is a sharehouse.

Living and raising children together with others means you can find time for yourself and also devote more energy into your work. Moreover, as everyone are single mothers tenants can bring up their children while sharing information and becoming more knowledgeable themselves, leaning on each other in times of need and talking about common worries and troubles. And isn’t that what child rearing is all about?

Managing Stylio With Daikanyama is Tokyu Dentetsu. As the house is in a great location a 2-minutes walk from Daikanyama station, it will appeal to those without children, also. You’ll always feel at ease leaving the house because with enough space to house 21 families, there will always be someone around.

Let’s get on with it and have a look inside!

「STYLIO WITH Daikanyama」House Details Page


The large-scale sharehouse for 21 families appears after a 2-minute walk from Daikanyama station

A large building appears before you after walking along from Daikanyama station. This is Stylio With Daikanyama. It stands in a great location just 3 minutes to Shibuya on the Toyoko line.


The front entrance is quite wide and spacious, as you would expect from a large-scale property.


This is a map of the area surrounding a house, a board with which to share things like favorite spots and supermarkets and the like with everyone else.


Large shoe storage lockers have been provided in order to fit your child’s shoes as well as your own.


This is the hallway. The white color-scheme gives a clean, fresh appearance.


The main lounge is filled with ideas to have fun with your child

This is the main lounge on the 1F. The light green and orange cushions add a cute touch to the room. At the back is a large whiteboard for drawing with your child.


You can exit onto a considerable balcony from the lounge.


Draw away on the whiteboard. It might seem small and trivial but it means the world to a child.


The kitchen is in the back. Let’s have a closer look.


With enough space to house 21 families, there is in turn quite a lot of space in the kitchen.


Cleaning up is a breeze with these induction cooktops.


There is of course rice cookers and even small benchtop ovens.


With this sink and stovetop it’s easy to prepare food for parties and the like.


Spend time together in these spacious private rooms

To make it easier for a mother to live in the same room as her child, a small bed for children is stored underneath the main bed.


Moving along here is the terrace. Unfortunately the day we took this photo it was raining, but it seems like it would be great on a sunny day.


There is also an area to try your hand at cultivating a small rooftop garden. You could even grow your own vegetables and eat them together with everyone.


This is what the washrooms look like above the 2F.


The bathroom.


There is a small kitchen on each floor so there is no need to go all the way downstairs. This would be a great help for those busy mornings.


The shower and laundry room. The washing machine and dryer are both free to use.


With even the dressing area in the bathroom and toilet having ample space, you can certainly live a comfortable life here.


A typical room, spacious and wide in length.


Rooms also come with storage space.


A slightly larger-type room. Even with the bed arranged horizontally there is still so much space, something that is very rare in Japan indeed.

It’s easy to decide to raise a child as a single mother, but in reality it takes unimaginable strength and perseverance. You can’t leave your child alone by itself, but you still want time to yourself and to work hard at your job. A sharehouse may be one way to achieve these two seemingly impossible dreams.

There are staff members with children working for Stylio With Daikanyama’s management company, Tokyu Dentetsu, and it is impressive to know that they proactively took part in the making of the house. Planning and creating an environment for everyone to enjoy and paying attention to every last detail so as not to place any burden on parent and child must be a difficult thing to do, and of course it is Tokyu Dentetsu to be the company to succeed at doing so.

There are many things to learn in raising children together and helping each other out. And here at Stylio With Daikanyama, there is an environment in which parent and child can grow and learn together.


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