Experience a variety of colors in a simple lifestyle.

How many colors in a rainbow? We Japanese would probably say 7. From a global perspective, however, there aren’t that many cultures that recognise a rainbow as having 7 colors. The majority of the world see it as 5 or 6 colors, or even less.

The Japanese are said to have long had a rich sense of color. According to the Dictionary of Japanese Colors there are 465 words to express color in Japanese. This of course includes colors we have never heard of before but surely have come across in our daily lives. It wouldn’t be such a bad thing to tap into in our sense of color amidst a lifestyle surrounded by those colors we are not usually conscious of.

There is no point to an uncomfortable life. Today we will introduce to you Share Residence Motosumiyoshi, a simple house accented by colorful furniture and wallpaper. The base, however, is a simple white. The furniture, set against this blank canvas, creates a stylish and playful atmosphere.

Nearby the house you’ll find a bustling shopping street with everything you need including fast food restaurants, a supermarket and even a convenience store. Heading into the city is no problem with Yokohama 15 minutes and Shibuya 20 minutes away. The house stands in a quiet residential area with a terrace from which you can look up and take in the bright blue sky.

You’re sure to find a plethora of colors within this house. Let’s have a peek inside, shall we?

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Relax and bathe your whole body in sunlight on the 2F terrace

Jumping ahead for a second here is the 2F terrace. It’s a wide, open terrace where you can just imagine yourself reading or basking in the sun come spring.


The entrance with security in place. The clover pattern on the wallpaper is quite cute.

This tall rack is great for storing shoes.


The living room, with its bright furniture, fosters communication.

Red, orange, green, light blue, purple… you’ll feel pumped up just by being in the living room furnished with such vivid, multicolored furniture. It’s easy to imagine chatting and laughing with everyone watching TV, listening to music or making dinner.  


The dining table chairs stimulate your senses with their purple and light blue color.

The view of the entire living and dining area. The area feels nice and clean with the white-based color scheme.


The stove is of the gas variety, something people who cook often always look for. 

One appeal of the sharehouse is in the provided essential cooking utensils. You can begin cooking right away without going out to buy anything.

 All space is used efficiently, something to be thankful to the management for. 


Let’s move on to the bathroom and toilet facilities. This is the washroom. The chairs in here are also colorful.

The toilet. There are also two other toilets in the house.

 There is one other shower in addition to this one. Incidentally, there is also a public bathhouse near the station if you ever need a proper soak. 

Indulge in freedom of privacy with rooms boasting giant windows

One big appeal of Share Residence Motosumiyoshi is the large window in each room, and room with great lighting can refresh one’s body and soul. There’s only about 12.24m² of space but its cheerfulness was very impressive.


Room 207. It’s quite a luxury to have this much space even with a bed in the room. 

Room 208. This is how much space there is without a bed.


Room 202 is adjacent to the living room so it’s a little confined compared to the other rooms, but still plenty of space to live in. 

Room 213. This room is facing another room across the hallway. 

Room 201. This room may be small but the relatively large window brings in the light.

Room 206. You might have already noticed, but the curtains differ from room to room.

Room 204. 

Room 205. Rooms on the 2F can be divided into 3 types: large, medium and small. It’s great to have choices you can match to suit your preferences.

motosumi056 (1)

Room 205. Rooms on the 2F can be divided into 3 types: large, medium and small. It’s great to have choices you can match to suit your preferences.


Different to the 2F rooms this one comes with a washbasin. You can do everything you need to do to get ready for heading out in this room. 


There is also a toilet. You may never leave the room at all.

The houses we live in change according to our tastes. Living in a sharehouse, you will also be influenced by those around you. And of course, there will be times where we’ll discover things we’ve never seen before because of the people we live with, not only in the living environment but within the house community also.

Share Residence Motosumiyoshi is a sharehouse brightened by the management’s use of color throughout. The company, Share Design, have really pulled out all the stops to make their houses interesting and you could even go so far as to call them the artisans of sharehouses.

The message of these artisans of wanting the house community and tenants themselves to fill their lives with color can not just be seen in the furniture, but hidden throughout the entire house.

/Author: Emoto


Social Place Motosumiyoshi
House DetailSocial Place Motosumiyoshi
Area 2-chome, Kizuki, Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa
Rent -
東急東横線 元住吉駅 2分
Condition Male, Female
Now fully occupied