A soothing place to fully enjoy your private time

The secret to staying happy and continuing on in one’s job is to firmly maintain time for one’s self. We are often told such things, however it takes a lot of time and money to do this and is not such a simple thing for busy, working adults.

No doubt there are many people who want to start yoga or a cooking class on their days off, but find making the trek over to the venue difficult and end up spending the entire day at home.

Today we will show you Crann Terrace Kugaoka, a sharehouse almost too good to be true that answers to the needs of these working adults.

The house has a reading room, a studio, karaoke space, a soundproofed room and conference room in which you can enjoy a range of activities including reading, dancing, yoga, karaoke, musical performance, watching movies… a room’s purpose can change to suit your needs.

It can get annoying to take yourself all the way over to the gym or a classroom to indulge in your hobbies. This sharehouse saves you from that hassle so you can go about things in your own time.

If that wasn’t enough, being a large-scale property housing 62 people you can meet others with the same interests and enjoy them together in this house.

One house for a variety of uses - you can’t help but get excited just imagining the possibilities. So without further ado, let’s get on with the introduction!

「Crann Terrace Kugaoka」House Details Page


Live as one with nature in a building that makes the most of surrounding protected tree species

There are trees around Kugaoka designated as protected species, so it is a place abundant with nature where lush greenery can be seen all around despite being in the middle of the city. The house was built working with its natural surroundings and has resulted in an oasis-like environment easy to relax in.

A wide, spacious entrance, as expected of a large-scale house, in which one can avoid the confusion that comes from everyone coming home at the same time.

Turning left at the entrance there is some kind of arty atmosphere here. A blackboard works as a communication board for tenants.

Shoe storage space for 62 people, big enough for women to store long boots.

A courtyard as the heart of the house

The courtyard in the middle of the house is wide and spacious with the open sky above and provides a relaxing atmosphere with its lush greenery. Its dim lighting come nightfall encourages an honest mood, and by talking through your worries with others out here you will come to see the insignificance of it all. This place will become the starting point of your day, and by sitting out here when someone suggests to watch a movie or go and exercise that is exactly how you will end up spending it.

You can see the courtyard well from inside, experiencing nature without having to venture outside.

The communal living room is so open it could almost be a café. Nature has also been brought inside the building here.

The lush, green piece in the living room, which give an at-home feel, is handmade by the owner.

Everyone will be scrambling to get seat on the great sofa to relax while watching TV.

The balance between the white, green and wooden-colors harmonize exquisitely together.

The staircase to the basement is vividly colored and you will descend down with light, bouncy steps.

The reading room in the basement. Concentrate on reading a book on a chair under a bright light.

The bookshelf is still incomplete, and the idea is for the tenants to bring in their own books to complete it.

The first studio. Its purpose changes depending on use, be it for dance or yoga.

There is also a soundproofed karaoke room. It’s almost like a dream to be able to sing at the top of your lungs in your own house without disturbing anyone.

The second studio is also soundproofed, perfect for playing musical instruments.

It’s possible to screen movies in the 1F conference room. This room can also be accessed from outside, perfect to use as event space.

The open kitchen. It’s so spacious you can cook together with everyone without it getting crowded.

There are 4 gas stovetops, great for dealing with busy mornings.

The house is equipped with plenty of washing machines and dryers.

There is a TV in the bathroom, but long, leisurely baths for the sake of watching your favorite show are forbidden!

Quickly jump in the shower on those days you don’t need a bath.


Private rooms complete with bed, desk and refrigerator

With a refrigerator in your own room you can avoid quarrels about who ate who’s food. Rooms also come with a bed, desk, closet and storage shelves so you can move in without bringing any furniture of your own.

Rooms are a simple design easy to decorate in your own style.

There is a WIFI connection within the house, however you can also connect directly to the internet with a lan cable in the rooms.

The hallway.

There is only 2 rooms in the house with this layout. With quite more space in comparison to the other rooms you have a lot of room to move around in.

This room is furnished with a sofa and a table.

With this much space you can store thick coats and clothes for all seasons very easily.


Communication between tenants in this house will progress quite naturally, even more so if common interests are shared, and from there interaction will broaden out in all directions.

Looking after this house is Tokyo Defence, and as the name suggests, the company works towards protecting the life of its tenants by creating houses like this one. While connections between people and the city are becoming weaker, opportunities for communication abound at Crann Terrace Kugaoka.

Expand connections while working on your interests. At Crann Terrace Kugaoka you can try new things and discover the perfect pastime for you, interacting with people you normally wouldn’t and creating time for yourself. This, I believe, is the strong point of the sharehouse we have introduced to you today.

An autumn of reading, of sports, of food.

These are some of the new things I want to try this year before the leaves turn red and fall to the ground.

/Author: Kitano