For hard working women

The day starts by leaving your house and walking the distance to the train station. Your briefcase is heavy with company documents and, enduring its weight, you finally arrive at the station. Now you have to wait for a crowded train. Surrounded by sea of people in every direction, you are rocked back and forth on the long train ride, unable to move. And, finally set free from the train, you arrive at work completely exhausted.

This is just how I imagine it in my own mind, however I am sure those living in the city have experienced something like this, or haven’t experienced yet can envision it so. While the comfortability of your own home is indeed important, so is choosing a pleasant location to live in.

Today we will introduce to you Domitori Nishimagome, a female-exclusive share house 1-minute walk from Nishimagome station on the Toei Asakusa line. Once a business hotel, this building has been renovated and re-opened as a share house and by stepping inside you will really feel as if you’re staying in a hotel.

You might be surprised at first at the low cost of 41,000 yen per month despite the house’s proximity to the station, but that’s not all - a free breakfast service (toast and coffee) is also provided every morning, making this a very good deal indeed.

Let’s have a look inside!!

「Dormitory Nishimagome」House Detail Page

An elegant hotel entrance

You will arrive at Dormitory Nishimagome by crossing the road after alighting at Nishimagome station. There is a convenience store behind the building,

which is very convenient for a spot of shopping. Heading inside, you will feel like you are in a hotel.

The building stands out with a shape almost like that of a staircase. There are cherry blossom trees nearby.

The massive double-door entrance exudes dignity.

Step inside into the spacious former hotel lobby.

The lobby interior has been tastefully decorated.

Areas remain that were used when the building was a hotel.

There is a café lounge left of the entrance for communal use of tenants.

Free breakfast service (toast and coffee) in the café lounge

Use this lounge, reminiscent of a western-style restaurant, as you please, be it as a café when chatting to friends or just for enjoying dinner.

Coffee cups are stored next to the entrance of the café lounge. Waking up with a strong coffee is a great way to start the day.

There are counter seats as well as tables. You might be inspired to have an alcoholic beverage or two, but warned - no drinking allowed in here!

There are two toasters at the counter and bread is provided in the mornings.

Behind the counter are two mini-kitchens available for use.

There are also sofas, making it a great place for those wanting to enjoy leisurely conversations!

All rooms equipped with bathrooms

Rooms are equipped with a bathroom including bathtub, toilet and sink, as well as a bed and television. Pretty much exactly how they were used when the building was a hotel.

This is what a standard room looks like. You can even use the space beneath the bed as storage.

The renovated bathroom.

There is a laundry room on the 1F. This picture only shows two machines, but will be increased to as many as 4.

Let’s have a look at one of the slightly larger rooms.

Spend your private time relaxing in this spacious room.

Higher floors have great views that look out far as you can see.


Managing Dormitory Nishimagome is Nishimagome Daiichi Hotel group, which is run and operated by one family, so you can sense a kind of warmth associated with family management teams. Moreover, one appeal of the house is that a member of staff is stationed there permanently, so if ever anything happens you can consult them immediately.

There is relatively good transport access, and from nearby Nishimagome station you can get to Gotanda station in 8 minutes, which connects to the Yamanote line. The best thing for busy working women, though, is the fact that the distance between the station and the house is so short.

With this visit, we felt that it is a place where working women driven by time can reduce their work or school commute and spend more time for themselves, or enjoy chatting with friends without any time constraints.

Spending a luxurious morning sitting down in a chair with a toast and coffee before you is something you can only experience here at Dormitory Nishimagome.

/Author: Kagawa