The CROSS SHARE at Tabloid: A Community Event in a Community Space

Founded in April of 2010, TABLOID is a creative hot spot in Hinode where designers and artists share a work space to facilitate a new work style, and perhaps a new creative culture in the process. Rebita, the owner of ten share houses in the metropolitan area, has chosen this prime location to host CROSS Share – a collaborative share house event.

The theme for today’s event is “What do we really share in a share house?” The share culture has been steadily gaining influence in Japan, and not just with share houses. There are now various office buildings that have changed over to an “office share” model, as well as companies that promote car pooling with designated vehicles as an economic alternative to rental cars for their employees.

As their names suggest, share houses are places where people all live under the same roof, and you’d be a fool to think people simply keep to themselves. These places are about sharing time together with others. After attending this event, I also came to realize residents share something special -- something special that makes every person and every house unique. But enough with the introductions. Let’s take a look at around so you can see what the buzz is about.

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As I arrived, the festivities were well underway with many people already in attendance. In the booths to either side of the room, residents from Rebita's share houses had set up booths show casing art, collages, and much more, giving spectators a glimpse of share house living.

For example, taking a look at this booth, one of the residents has put on a fashion display of sorts.

Here we have hand-crafted jewelry.

And no exhibit would be complete without fine paintings. That is, if these were actually paintings. Upon closer inspection, I was surprised to find these were actually drawn with a mechanical pencil.

Here’s a display from the Rebita house in Denenchofu. Who would've thought a share house would have a gardening and jogging club.

What's this? Could it be? Jojo's Bizarre Adventure? No – It's a Share House Adventure! Come to think of it, there's an exhibition in Roppongi celebrating Jojo's 25th anniversary.

Next is a collaborative effort between a copywriter, designer, and photographer who happen to live together. Chance encounters can bring about the greatest changes in life, and you're sure to find them in a share house.

Returning to the main area, there's a singer on stage with a beautiful vibrato resonating through the hall, and it looks like it's almost time for the main event to begin.

To start, there was a talk session with residents from Rebita's share houses: “Colors of the Share House Rainbow.”

Everyone who participated was from a different share house, so first there were introductions for each house. With locations ranging from near Yomiuri Land to Gotanno, they all had something that set them apart from the others.

For example, Harajuku is known as one of the fashion hubs of Japan, and the share house located here is home to many designers. The "Share Leaf" house in Chitose Karasuyama is home to many chefs.

I can't say for sure whether its chiefly influence from location or the residents, but it was interesting to hear how each share house was so different from the previous.

As introductions came to a close, the participants were asked why they chose to move into a share house. As you'd expect from a talk session dubbed "Colors of the Share House Rainbow," the answers were quite varied. One person in particular was motivated to try share house living after finding themselves a part of a share house event when they only intended to take a look at the house.

When the talk session was over, it was time for a special dance performance!

The residents spent a great deal of time preparing, and it certainly showed in their lively performance.

Spectators were also able to get in on the fun as the dancers showed them a few steps so they could dance along. Although I was taking pictures, I found time to bust a few moves myself.

The dancing became more intense as they reached the finale, and it was clear that everyone had been drawn in by their spectacular performance.

Finishing with stylish poses, the dancers were met with thunderous applause!

The report ends here, but it seems there were still quite a few presentations planned that lasted late into the evening.

The lively atmosphere, the fantastic displays, the great performance -- it was like I was back in school attending a cultural festival. Before tonight, I never would have imagined an event that would let me to relive my youth like this.

People who come together to live in a share house come from all walks of life, and while each person has their own reason for moving in, one thing is certain -- life in a share house can broaden one's horizons.

Take the dance performance for example. It looked as though the routine was put together by a professional dancer who just so happened to be living in one of Rebita's share houses. There were also probably a few people on stage who'd never danced before, but living in a share house gave them the chance to seize an opportunity; an opportunity try something new and discover something new within themselves. Perhaps that is the magic of share house living.

It just so happens that Rebita will be opening new share houses in Komazawa and Ebisu in the coming spring. If you've never tried living in a share house before, perhaps this could be your chance to experience the magic.

/Author:Sekino, Translation: Paul





「ReBITA Ltd.」

Here at ReBITA Inc., we specialize in renovations, breathing new life into pre-existing buildings. Managing 10 locations with 631 rooms total in Tokyo, Kanagawa, and Saitama, our share houses have great interior designs and state of the art facilities — comforts you normally can’t find in a share house. It is important to us that residents are able to maintain their privacy while still enjoying the community that share house living can offer. If you’re interested in a community with borders, regardless of your background, please feel free to contact us.