“The delicate summer camellia reminds us that time is fleeting”

This is an interpretation from one of the first lines of “The Tale of the Heike”, a famous Japanese classic.  Read by students in many elementary and middles schools in Japan, this is a very well known phrase to Japanese people.  This Japanese excerpt explains how the gracious falling petals of a camellia represent the uncertainty of society, and that even the most prosperous of things will eventually fade away.

Today I’ll be introducing you to the “Rose House” just a minute walk from the JR Shisui Station, and only a 10 minute train ride from Narita Airport.

The first thing that caught my eye when visiting was the vibrant use of flowers to decorate the door.  While not extravagantly decorated with an abundance of flowers, I was touched by how they were blooming so beautifully despite the intense heat.  They were sure to wither away if someone weren’t caring for them attentively.  Thinking of how the life of these flowers is prolonged by someone taking the time to give them just a little water every day, you feel a sense of appreciation for such considerate people to be here.

While nothing lasts forever, the resplendence of anything can be prolonged with a little help.  Just like a beautiful flower blooming with the aid of water, when living in a share house, interaction with others could perhaps bring about priceless experiences you can cherish for a lifetime.  This is what came to mind when visiting the “Rose House”.

So without further do, let’s take a look inside.  

「Rose House」House Details Page


The Outside View

Here we have the outside of the women’s only share house, “Rose House”, with its pure white exterior complimented by a piercing blue sky.  This three story share house was ewly opened in May of 2012.

The first thing that catches the eye is the iron arch around the entranceway followed by the various colored flowers that that seem to surround the building.

The boiling heat persists, welcoming the peak of summer, but these red and yellow flowers are thriving in full bloom.

The white post boxes matching the house’s exterior are numbered to match all the rooms, so there’s no way for mail to get mixed up.

When you open the front door, you’ll be greeted by this entranceway.  Both sides are neatly lined with shoe boxes.

Each shoe box unit is also numbered according to the rooms.

With this much space for each unit, even if you have a lot of shoes, they should all fit snugly inside.

The Main Lounge

The lounge, with its chic color scheme and sense of composure, is furnished with a dining table and coffee table along with a sofa and television.  With no extra frivolous furnishings in the room it feels quit spacious.  Also, the door seen further inside the lounge leads directly into the dining room and kitchen, so they can probably throw parties here from time to time.

With this much space, what would you use it for?  Dancing? Yoga perhaps?  The wide variety of uses make it feel that much more spacious.

Seeing the sofa and coffee table isolated in this spacious room, you could say it has a certain charm to it.

Here’s a better look at the dining table.


The Kitchen

This is the dining room and kitchen.  Connected directly to the living room, you can freely move between them.  Also, this kitchen has authentic professional grade facilities like that you’d find in a restaurant.

On the other side of the kitchen away from the 3burner gas stove is a large work table.  Cooking in here looks like it’d be a breeze.

There are lots of rice cookers lining the rack against the wall.  It looks like there’s one for each person in the house!

With this many rice cookers lining the wall, I suppose you’d need this many outlets as well.

Next to the dining room and kitchen you’ll also find the laundry room.  There are 3 washing machines and 1 dryer.  Moreover, they’re all free to use.

This independent wash stand can be found on both the 2nd and 3rd floors where the resident rooms are.

The bathroom also includes a wash stand and mirror making it feel very spacious.

Here’s a shot of the bathroom.  There’s yet another wash stand in the area where you change clothes.

A closer look at the bath tub (2nd floor).  The soft light pouring in through the window creates a relaxing atmosphere.

The 3rd floor includes 2 shower rooms.

The Private Rooms

Each room is furnished with a closet for a bed, a closet for storage, a mini refrigerator, and a television. (room 202)

This is the general layout of each resident’s floor.  They each have a wash stand, bathroom, and bathing room.

Every room has a standard key and lock.  Simply slide it in, give it a turn, and you’re all set.

A quick look at the dresser and television.

This is room 203.  As you can see, each room has a slightly different arrangement.

Here we have a foldable hook for drying clothes. Set this up on the window frame only when you’re drying your clothes.  It’s quite a novel item.  (This is currently only in room 203, but there are plans to install it in very room)

Taking a closer look at the closet, there’s a hanger in both the upper and lower compartments.  You can freely sort your things here however you like.

This room, including the same furnishings, is accented with pink curtains. (room 204)

Of course, the dresser with a television on top can be used for storage space as well.

Looking out from the window, you can enjoy scenery reminiscent of a small town along the ocean.

While we tend to introduce share houses that are in the metropolitan area, we believe there are many women you’d prefer a shared lifestyle a bit further away from the heart of the city.  I’d like to think there are even those, especially, who often go on business trips or vacations overseas who wonder “isn’t there a share house closer to Narita Airport?”

Having said that, “Rose House” with all of its furnishings essential for living, along with its capacity to ensure your privacy, makes for a great place where you can enjoy a relaxed shared lifestyle.  If the thought of “a share house near Narita Airport” peaks your interest, or you’re looking to spruce up your life with roses so you always “come up roses”, please be sure to look into this share house.

Perhaps its peculiar to the suburbs, but when visiting “Rose House”, I was reminded of how appealing it is to have such spacious arrangements in a house.  Going to sleep and waking up every day, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, living at a relaxed pace.  Here I think you can enjoy a shared lifestyle  with ample space for you and the other residents as well.

It's often said that because time is finite, you should take on new challenges the moment inspiration strikes you.  Needless to say, those of you who feel the need to make changes to your life, to make things more interesting, why not seize the day now and add a little spice to your life?

It wouldn't surprise me if there are even people who've taken up travel abroad, influenced by the fun times and conversations with others in this share house.


/Author: Kagawa

Rose house
House DetailRose house
Area 1-1-362, Higashishisui, Shisuimachi, Imba-gun, Chiba
Rent ¥30,000 ~ ¥33,000
JR Sobu Line; Narita Line Shisui Station 3 minutes on foot
keisei Main Line KeiseiShisui Staion 11 minutes on foot
Condition Female

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