Hana yori Dango? This salad bowl of nationalities epitomises the age-old saying of ‘dumplings rather than flowers’.

It’s time for a late hanami or ‘flower viewing’ on the banks of the Kanda river! Now is the time we are truly aware of the four seasons, with new green leaves growing and cherry blossoms falling down in the spring breeze.

There is an old saying in Japan of ‘Hana Yori Dango.’ It literally translates to ‘dumplings rather than flowers’ and refers to a preference for practical things rather than aesthetics, for substance over facade. Today’s late hanami party is really an opportunity for cultural exchange!

The party was held by Be Good Japan Flatshare for the residents of their sharehouses. Be Good Japan Flatshare houses are known for housing people of many different nationalities.

There are people from countries like China, Taiwan, Sweden and France. Most of the residents are Taiwanese and Swedish international exchange students. Many different languages were heard at the party, and with English as the main method of communication the group enjoyed drinking and chatting with each other. From where we sat I could see the JR Chuo line passing through and then and there I saw Japan in a new light (laughs).

Parties at sharehouses are a common occurrence, but how often do you hear about this kind of networking party between houses? If you are interested in meeting people from a wide variety of backgrounds, the houses we showcase today are worth checking out!

Let’s now see how the party went!



The staff had spent all morning securing a spot and getting thing ready for the party, and by the time guests arrived everything was good to go. Thanks, guys!


As the scheduled start time neared groups of guests started arriving one after the other, and our spot in the park buzzed with conversation and laughter. After a few words from the organiser it was time to pop open the champagne and make a toast.




Or in Swedish, skål!



The whole group. Conversation flowed freely even though everyone had only just met.


There was even Paella! International food for an international atmosphere.


Japanese food wasn’t forgotten, though. This sushi was a hit!



Everyone was having so much fun they started standing up. These guys gave us a rendition of a Swedish drinking song.


The party seems to have progressed into a standing buffet party...


The ‘official’ language of the party seems to be English. Everyone spoke in fluent English regardless of ethnicity.


Cultural Exchange

Some guests tried Japanese sake for the first time! We totally get this guy tilting his head to the side as he makes sense of the new flavors in his mouth.


The party was held in April and guests were able to make new friends outside in the comfortable spring weather. To close the party everyone got together to take a group shot. Looking at the smiles all around as people started to head off home it’s hard to believe that everyone had just met for the first time.

The event was organised by Be Good Japan Flatshare for residents living in the company’s houses. There are more events like this one in the works, so if you are interested in experiencing a global atmosphere without leaving Japan you should check out one of these sharehouses.

Have a look at Be Good Japan Flatshare sharehouses below! ↓



Warm, sunlit days 「BeGood Kichijoji Eki-mae

The biggest selling point of this property is its proximity to the station. You can actually see Kichijoji station from the windows. Kichijoji is an area placing high in the ‘Desirable Neighborhoods’ ranking and is 17-minutes away from Shibuya on the Keio Inokashira line. Despite being only 17-minutes from Shinjuku on the JR Chuo line as well, Kichijoji is a popular area dotted with stylish cafe-restaurants great for lunch, and is also home to a large zoo and verdant park reserve where visitors can board boats.


The red sofa adds a splash of color to the room. The subdued, mature atmosphere could easily be home to a group of sophisticated adult residents.


Natural light shines through the large window and catching sight of blue skies between the city buildings makes spectacular viewing.



Urban Sharehouse 「BeGood Ikebukuro Eki-mae

This house recently opened in March of this year. The best thing about the common lounge is its giant 55-inch television screen. The spotlight lighting creates a calm, relaxing atmosphere.


One wall made from timber is decorated with plants and 1980s America nostalgic images.


Private rooms are furnished with refrigerators so there is no need to trek all the way to the kitchen for a drink.



Make global connections a part of your everyday「Flat Share OKUBO CampusⅡ

The simple interior of this house removes all the useless things in life and everything has a function. There are many foreign exchange students at the Okubo campus nearby, and as such this is a house recommended for people who are interested in cultural exchange. It’s a 4-minute walk to Okubo station on the JR Sobu line, and 8 minutes to Shin-Okubo station on the JR Yamanote line. There are many Korean people living in Shin-Okubo, and it has garnered attention as Tokyo’s Korean Town, with Korean restaurants so good you’ll think you are in Korea.


Use these frames to hang photos of you and your sharemates for that loving, homey feeling.


There are many rooms, including this warm colored one that girls will adore.



Shades of black 「BeGood Ikebukuro Motomachi

Shimo-Itabashi is a family-friendly area away from the city. That said, it does only take minutes from Shimo-Itabashi station to Ikebukuro on the Tobu Tojo line. The cool interior is based around a dark-toned color scheme with a large pendant light hanging from the ceiling.


The perfect scene to sit back at night watching movies and enjoying wine and spirits.


The bright and cheerful private rooms are in stark contrast to the rest of the house.



Stylish in White 「Flat Share-iri-TOBUNERIMA Campus

Flat Share-iri-TOBUNERIMA Campus is a large, 20-room sharehouse in a newly constructed property. The large dining table above is usually crowded with sharemates. Nearby there is a local supermarket and restaurants and bars line the street downtown. Tobu-Nerima station on the Tobu-Tojo line is a 5-minute walk away.


An elegant lifestyle「Garden Terrace Hamadayama

Hamadayama to the west of Tokyo offers beautiful skies and greenery away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Many wealthy people live in this area, as can be seen by all of the luxury cars passing by on the street.


Be Good Japan Flatshare are very hands on when inducting new residents into their properties, and they are with you every step of the way. This company is highly recommended to those of you who have never lived in a sharehouse before and are unsure about how to go about things. Call these guys up and they will match you with a place that suits you perfectly.

/Author: Inamine