Ichikawa Share Residence:  With a “sense of fun” at its core, gather, make friends, and expand your horizons!

The Ichikawa Share Residence was established to offer a new lifestyle for those who feel that communication with others is important, or those who simply wish to enjoy conversation with other adults.  While enjoying the price and convenience of a share house, this residence emphasizes its many facilities including sound proof rooms and fitness rom.  Brimming with a sense of fun, by simply moving in one can’t help but feel that they’ve truly begun a new way of life.

The building, reinforced with concrete, is 4 stories tall with 50 rooms in total and Just a 10 minute walk from the Shimōsa-Nakayama Station along the JR Sobu Line.  The community space is fully equipped, including a bar counter, recreation room, a sound proof room equipped with karaoke and instruments, and a fitness studio.  However, what we highly recommend is utilizing the open space to enjoy time with the residents who gather there, as well as the interesting staff members.  Those who feel their days aren’t stimulating enough are sure to have much to do here.

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Community Space

Even after realizing all the residents have gathered together, you’ll find yourself with plenty of room.  With a comfortable sofa, large television, and billiard table, we highly recommend spending time together with residents in the Community Space.

A sense of fun

Playing billiard is great fun while hanging out with the guys, having girl talk, or simply anyone looking for a good time.  With the right tools in place to enjoy a bit of adult conversation, it could be just what you need for a quality share house experience.


We’ll take a look around starting with the entrance hall.  As soon as you enter, you’ll find a piano on your left side.  Creating a great sense of atmosphere, you wouldn’t think this is a share house.

A picture from a different angle.

If you proceed down the corridor, you’ll reach a large living room area.

Here we have a top notch sofa you can relax on for hours on end.

In the middle of the room we have a billiard table.

Turning your attention to the other side of the room, you’ll find a bar counter.

There’s even a board to play darts. This really is a great spot to relax and have fun.

The pictures of all the residents can give you a feel of the fun time they’re having living in the share house.

Behind the bar counter you’ll find a large scale kitchen.

Viewing the kitchen from another angle, can you get a feel for how large the kitchen is?

Equipped with a kitchen work table and plenty of storage space underneath, you’ll feel like you’ve walked into a restaurant’s kitchen.

The sinks are nicely lined up here. This may be my first time seeing such a setup visiting a share house.

An extra photo from another angle.

And of course, the kitchen is fully equipped with utensils for your cooking needs.

It goes without saying, there is also dishware.

Here we have the rice cookers and microwave.

Wouldn’t be complete without trashcans.

A convenient water dispenser.

Then there’s the beer dispenser. Wait, beer dispenser? Yes that’s right. After putting 200 yen into the cup, you can help yourself to a fresh beer.

Although not necessarily related to the share house’s “sense of fun” we’re moving on to the sound proof room. Incidentally, it comes equipped with a karaoke machine.

While this is a sound proof room, rules have been established for its use, so a quick picture has been taken as a reminder.

There are a lot of devices in this room, and you can also find instruments that are the personal belongings of the residents.

Those who can find use for a sound-proof room or simply enjoy instruments are sure to love this place.

Next to the sound-proof room is a yoga studio. Perhaps everyone trains together here.

Now on to the second floor.

The restroom.

It’s not only clean, but also quite elegant.

Also fully equipped with a washer and dryer.

This bathroom is quite unusual for a share house.

The shower rooms all nicely lined up.

A closer look at the shower rooms.

And a closer look at the sinks.

Here’s a look at the restrooms. It looks like there are 13 in total.

There’s even a chair to take a break with a relaxing steamer.

The other floors are also equipped with washing machines and dryers.

What luck. There just happened to be a vacant room to take photos.

The room is furnished with an air-conditioner, desk, chair, small refrigerator, and curtains.

All 50 rooms appear to be 6.5 or 7.5 tatami mats in size, with this one being 6.5 tatami mats. Taking the community space into consideration, one could say this space is sufficient to ensure privacy.

Rooms equipped with a small refrigerator is definitely a great selling point.

When it comes to a large scale share house, perhaps the biggest worry people have before moving in is “will I be able to get along with other residents?”  However, we believe that the community space, even for first encounters, will provide you with a variety of tools making it easy to integrate and get along with your future share mates.

Although we happened to visit while they were holding an event at this share house, it looked as though they were planning to hold other events in the near future such as birthday parties without anyone even  saying a word.  We believe this share house not only has wonderful facilities, but also offers a living space you can enjoy together with friends In addition to great merit you cannot find living alone.


Share residence Ichikawa
House DetailShare residence Ichikawa
Area 11-22, Ichikawa-shi, Chiba
Rent \44,800 ~ \47,800
7 min walk from Shimousanakayama Station
Condition Male, Female

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